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1 year 4 months ago #927 by anamika
One of my friend registered his marriage in sub registrar office kodambakkam in Chennai. Both are Hindu religion and the marriage registrar issued a marriage certificate without photo and it is looks like booklet and contains six pages.
They applied for Australian visa and they submitted that marriage certificate for visa process. But the Australian embassy did not accept the marriage certificate as proof of marriage and they require marriage certificate with photo.
please let me know whether the marriage certificate issued by sub registrar is valid one or they have to register the marriage again to get the marriage certificate with photo . Their date of marriage is 18.1.2015 and thy registered the marriage on 19.1. 2015.
Let me know now there is any possibility to get marriage certificate with photo . Also let me know
what type of registrations is available in Tamilnadu and what is the difference between those certificates.

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11 months 5 days ago #929 by marriage attorney
Dear Anamika

First you must understand that any mode of marriage certificate issued by Government is valid one. The certificate which you have mentioned is issued under Hindu Marriage act. It is valid certificate and it can be used for all legal process including visa. The embassy cannot refuse to accept because that is the Government format and it will be in six pages. Also no photo will be affixed in this Hindu marriage Act certificate .

The Government of Tamilnadu will upload the same in their official website immediately after issuing certificate. If any authority or person who having doubt about the originality they can access the Government website and verify whether it is original or not.

If you need marriage certificate with photo, you have to register your marriage only under Tamilnadu Compulsory marriage Act 2009. This certificate will come in single page with husband and wife photos.

But you have to register your marriage within 150 days from date of marriage. Beyond 150 days you cannot resister your marriage under Tamilnadu Compulsory marriage Act 2009.

In Tamilnadu, There are Four types of registration Act is available :

1. Hindu marriage Act
2. Tamilnadu Compulsory marriage Act
3. Special Marriage Act
4. Christian marriage Act

In these acts , Tamilnadu Compulsory marriage Act only come with photos. But all those certificates are equally valid in the eye of law.

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