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2 years 1 month ago #904 by marriage attorney
Recently some rumour have been spread all over tamilnadu about register marriage procedure.
That is : New law have been introduced by government for register marriage without parents. Asper that Act no marriage will be registered withiut parents consent and knowledge.
But this news is rumour and no such Act was introduced in Tamilnadu.
If both are major , they can get married legally.nobody can stop.

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6 months 3 weeks ago #935 by marriage attorney
Actually no act was enacted in Tamilnadu to make parents presence compulsory in marriage registration in Tamilnadu.
If any act or amendment introduced definitely it will be against fundamental rights guaranteed by constitution of Indian.
Because of many cases filed by the parents, the registration department decided to avoid love marriage registration in Tamilnadu. In all sub registrar offices , the registrar will ask parents for marriage registration. All over Tamilnadu in all sub registrar offices following this unwritten law uniformly . Even though it is arrange marriage/ parents are bedridden / in abroad they will not give any excuse and they force to produce the parents.
As of now this is only rule uniformly implemented in Tamilnadu.

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6 months 3 weeks ago #943 by marriage attorney

Approach the Registrar Office in Chennai for the registration of your marriage, irrespective of whether you are already married or not.
There should not be existing valid marriage of either of the individuals with any other person. They should not fall within the standards of prohibited relationships.
The minimum age requirement is18 years for the bride, and 21 years for the groom and witnesses.
The individuals suffering from unstable minds, so as to be unable to give a reliable consent for marriage and procreation of children, could not apply for a register marriage.
Any one of the individuals ought to be from Chennai. A valid address proof is required which could be any document identified by the government of India- voter’s ID, ration card, driving license or a passport of the individual residing in the city. If you do not hold any of these documents, you could produce any government- sent document such as your transport card or rental agreement at the Tehsildar office at Majestic, Landmark Kid’s shop and get the address proof document done.

Five passport size photographs are to be attached while submitting your application. You could use your passport, driving license or any other document issued by the government of India for the identification of your photograph.

The marriage of unmarried couples belonging to different religion is covered under Special Marriage Act and requires additional processes.

The Sub- Registrar Officer would verify your identification documents and place his signature. Once your data is furnished in the online databank, five printouts will be made. Affix your photographs and sign on them. You could then hand over the documents to the officer and your application is submitted.

The application is valid for ninety days during which both the individuals could go to the Registrar Office at any time and get their marriage registered. They require taking along with them the original receipt, three witnesses and three separate photographs. The photographs are to be attached and the marriage certificates signed. Three copies of the marriage certificates are made: one for the Registrar Office, one to be given to the bride and the other to the groom. The witnesses require signing the certificate against their names. After the signing procedure, the bride and groom reads the marriage oath in front of the officer. Thereafter they are declared as man and wife.

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6 months 3 weeks ago #944 by marriage attorney

A good number of people, nowadays, prefer to get married by a simple procedure without a grand ceremony. But the legal procedures for the marriage to take place and to obtain a Marriage certificate is quite time- consuming. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to hold a marriage certificate as it is an essential document which proves the husband and wife relationship before an authority or court of Law. The marriage certificate has also been made compulsory for women to get a visa,passport etc.

In order to get your Marriage Certificate without much of a hassle, you could get it done online and the register marriage process could be completed within a hour. The marriage certificate can also be obtained within 24 hours.

The documents required for marriage registration are:
• Age Proof (Any one)
o Birth Certificate
o School, College mark sheet
o Transfer Certificate
o Passport

• Address Proof (Any one)
o Passport
o Family card
o Voter Id
o Bank Passbook
o Driving Licence
o Aadhar Card
• Six Passport-size photographs
• Three witnesses with ID Proof
The legalization of foreign marriages could also be done online. The Marriage certificate could also be arranged quickly for an emergency application of visa, passport, etc.

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