How to register Love Marriage in Chennai :

There are different marriage registration process existing in Tamilnadu :

Here's I wish to explain some information about one of my friend’s special marriage with US national under the Special Marriage Act.


There are certain marriage Acts provide some rules that you must abide by, when it comes to marriage registration in Chennai.

Online Marriage certificate Chennai :-

The Government of Tamilnadu has amended the section 5 of Tamil Nadu Registration of Marriages Act, 2009 . Before this amendment , Any marriage can be register within 150 days from date of marriage. After 150 days Hindu marriage can be register under Hindu marriage Act in one day process. 

The Tamilnadu registration Act or any Marriage laws in Tamilnadu does not required parents consent or parents presence for register marriage in Tamilnadu .


Many couples believes that marriage certificate can be dowloaded through online portal in Tamilnadu. But it is not possible in real life and nothing can be downloaded online.

Online Appointment for Marriage Registration in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Recently the Government of Tamilnadu has introduced online registration facility in Tamilnadu. Now the marriage registration made online in Tamilnadu.
If made online, you cannot come to an conclusion that you can register your marriage online and you can download your marriage certificate online.
Find how The Government of Tamilnadu online registration works :-

Registration of marriages should be made compulsory under law to prevent marriage frauds, bigamy, child marriages and desertions of women by their husbands, the Law Commission of India has told the government.

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