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Foreign Marriage registration in Chennai

10 months 1 week ago #1251 by superuser
What will be the cost for Malaysian marriage registration ?

Approximately 4500 will be the cost for Malaysian embassy Attestation in Chennai.

But for apply attestation, Malaysian national Husband/wife presence is compulsory for apply attestation.

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10 months 1 week ago #1252 by superuser
Any idea when the Inter national flight service will resume in Chennai ? Because we heard that Chennai
have severely affected by COVID 19 ? Is there any idea everything will be fine in July 2020 ?

Yes from march 22 on words the all International flight services have been suspended due to corona virus . We expect to resume the same from 1.7.20 . But the government will decide the same based on situation.

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10 months 1 week ago #1304 by krishna
Foreign National Marriage registration in Tamilnadu :

One of relative living in Trichy District, Tamilnadu and doing social service for poors. He is an Christian aged about 55 years and he is an Australian national. The bride is also an Christian and she is an native of trichy and aged about 35 years. She is an widow and she have one 5 years old daughter. She is also doing social service in Trichy. Bride parents are not agree and they wanted to get married and to do register marriage in the month of December 2020.
They believe everything will come to an normal and lockdown will be completely lifted before December.

The groom approached nearby sub registrar office in Trichy Malaikottai, Tamilnadu, they said that foreign National Marriage may be registered only under Special Marriage Act and they have to wait 30 days to complete the registration. They can ready to wait. But they asking groom parents also as witness. It is very difficult to bring the groom parents. Because they are living in Nigeria and they are very old and they could not travel to India mere for Witness.
One of his friend advised to try to register the same in Chennai . He told that
In Chennai, there is an possibility to do Special marriage registration in one day process.IS it true? If it is possible please answer the following queries .

Where is Australian National Marriage registrar office in Chennai?
What is the procedure for register Australian National in Sub registrar office or Chennai ?
What is the exact documents required for Australian National marriage registration under Special Marriage Act in Tamilnadu ?
How long will take to complete the Special Marriage Act registration in Chennai?
After getting marriage certificate, what is the formalities to get Indian citizenship for Australian Husband?
Both have age difference, it will create any problem in Indian visa process ?
How to get NOC from Australian consulate office ?
Australian consulate office located in Chennai ?
What is the Australian spouse visa procesure ?
Why Australian National marriage is not possible in Trichy ?
Can you suggest any Australian National marriage agency in Chennai, Tamilnadu ?
Any idea, when will be lifted corona lockdown fully ?
He wish to take them to Australia along with child. Can you explain it is possible to get visa for her child ?

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10 months 6 days ago #1313 by register marriage lawyer
Foreigner marriage registration in Chennai

Complete guide on how to register Foreigner marriage in Chennai

Planning for doing foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu :

If you plan to do marriage and registration in Chennai , first you have to plan your convenient place to have ceremony and registration in Tamilnadu. If place is confirmed book your flight ticket in advance and then start all the paper works like single status , NOC , Affidavit etc.
Visa :
There is no specific visa requirements for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu. Any type of visa is valid for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu.
You can get tourist visa for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu. That is enough to get married in Tamilnadu.

Documents required for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu :
• Age proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
o Birth Certificate (or)
o School / collage Transfer Certificate (or)
o School / collage mark sheet (or)
o Passport
• Address proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
o Aadhar Card (or)
o Passport (or)
o Driving License (or)
o Voter ID
o Ration Card
o National IC /visa

Photos :

passport size photos 6 Nos for both
• Additional Documents : ( If Applicable)

o Invitation 2 & Hall/Temple Receipt – (Only for Hindu Married couples )
o Invitation 2 & Nikah Certificate _ (Only for Muslim Married couples )
o Invitation 2 & Church Certificate _ (Only for Christian Married couples )
o Single status certificate _ (If bride or groom is foreign national )
o Divorce order/ Death certificate _ (If bride or groom Divorcee/Widower )

Who can be a witness for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu :
There is no necessary to bring witnesses only for the purpose of registration.
You can give any available local witness and you can save the money .

Single status certificate for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu :

There is no law to insist single status for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu.
But the same time, to avoid unnecessary troubles in future , registrars will ask for single status certificate to register foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu.
Also single status certificate can be obtained easily in all the foreign countries.

For example Malaysian government will issue single status on same day without any hindrance.
Who will issue single status :

The issuing authority will vary country to country .
For example ,
1. In Malaysia, registration department will issue sinlge status certificate.
2. In USA , immigration department or local Embassy also will issue single status certificate.
3. In UK, no single status certificate will be issued to marry in foreign country.

So you can enquire about single status certificate issuing authority in your country itself.
Where you can do foreign marriage registration smoothly in Tamilnadu :
For various reasons, Chennai is the comfortable place to do foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu. Not only for Tamilnadu for entire India Chennai is the convenient place for international marriages. Because one can get married easily on same day and there is a possibility to get marriage certificate also on same.
So that many foreigner couples prefer Chennai for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu.

Under which act foreigner marriage will be registered :
Foreigner marriage can be registered under any one of following act :
1. Tamilnadu marriage Act
2. Hindu marriage Act
3. Special marriage Act
4. Christian marriage Act
You can register under any one of above said act. But the Tamilnadu marriage act certificate only will carry couples photographs. So that many couples prefer this act for foreign marriage registration in Tamilnadu.

Parents presence :

Usually registrars will ask both parents presence at the time of marriage. But the same time you can manage without the foreign national parenst and you can manage with Indian bride/ groom parents presence.
Legally parents presence not required and there is possibility to do foreign marriage registration without both parents.

Foreign marriage & Registration procedure in Chennai :
Reach Chennai on your convenient date (your preferred date) and complete your smart and simple ceremony by exchanging ring/garlands. Visit sub registrar office on same day with required documents and witnesses and complete registration process on same day. Usually one or two days is enough to complete the entire registration process. If possible plan to stay minimum one week to compete the process smoothly.

If you not prefer to small ceremony , you have to wait another 30 days to compete the registration process.

When can get foreigner marriage certificate :
Usually you can get marriage certificate within 24 hours except special marriage registration.
Couples presence not compulsory to receive original marriage certificate. Foreign national bride or groom can leave India immediately after registration. Any authorized person can collect the original marriage certificate.
For special marriage, it will take 30 days to get marriage certificate.

Marriage certificate Attestation :

Indian attestation may vary country to country. Most of the countries will ask attestation for spouse visa process.
So after getting marriage certificate, you can get attestation also in Chennai.
Presence not mandatory to get attestation. Only original marriage certificate and both passport copy is enough to get attestation.

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