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Foreigner marriage registration in Chennai

10 months 1 week ago #1286 by krishna
Can you clarify how Indian Hindu Marriage act will apply to foreign national Hindu those who married in India?

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10 months 1 week ago #1287 by krishna
Can you confirm Whether the registrar will ask for marriage photos at the time of Registration.

What type of proof they will ask for proof of Marriage.

Because all the temples and Marriage halls are closed in this logdown time.

Then how can they perform the Marriage ceremony in Chennai.

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10 months 1 week ago #1303 by krishna
Foreign National Marriage registration in Tamilnadu :

One of friend living in Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu and doing textile export business here. He is an Christian aged about 35 years and he is an Nigerian national. The bride is also an Christian and she is an native of tiruppur and aged about 24 years. Brideparents are agree and they wanted to get married and to do register marriage in the month of september 2020.
They believe everything will come to an normal and lockdown will be completely lifted before September.

The groom approached nearby sub registrar office in Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu, they said that foreign National Marriage may be registered only under Special Marriage Act and they have to wait 30 days to complete the registration. They can ready to wait. But they asking groom parents also as witness. It is very difficult to bring the groom parents. Because they are living in Nigeria and they are very old and they could not travel to India mere for Witness.
One of his friend advised to try to register the same in Chennai . He told that
In Chennai, there is an possibility to do Special marriage registration in one day process.IS it true? If it is possible please answer the following queries .

Where is Nigerian National Marriage registrar office in Chennai?
What is the procedure for register Special marriage with Nigerian National in Sub registrar office or Chennai ?
What is the exact documents required for Nigerian National marriage registration under Special Marriage Act in Tamilnadu ?
How long will take to complete the Special Marriage Act registration in Chennai?
After getting marriage certificate, what is the formalities to get Indian citizenship for Nigerian Husband?
Both have age difference, it will create any problem in Indian visa process ?
How to get NOC from Nigerian consulate office ?
Nigerian consulate office located in Chennai ?
What is the Nigerian spouse visa procesure ?
Why Nigerian National marriage is not possible in Tiruppur ?
Can you suggest any Nigerian National marriage agency in Chennai, Tamilnadu ?
Any idea, when will be lifted corona lockdown fully ?

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