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register marriage in Bangalore

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6 years 11 months ago - 9 months 1 week ago #504 by
one of my friend living in Bangalore.So they also prefer Bangalore to do register marriage.
can you suggest any lawyer in Bangalore.

I think the one is from foreign country. Is there any separate procedure for foreigner in Bangalore.
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6 years 10 months ago #505 by superuser
In Bangalore, you cannot do the registration in one day process you can do the register marriage under special marriage Act and you must give 30 days notice. In Tamilnadu only, you can do the register marriage in one day process because of Tamilnadu Marriages Act .

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6 years 10 months ago #527 by imansoor
Replied by imansoor on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore

marriage attorney wrote: In Bangalore, you cannot do the registration in one day process you can do the register marriage under special marriage Act and you must give 30 days notice. In Tamilnadu only, you can do the register marriage in one day process because of Tamilnadu Marriages Act .

is there one day process to get married in Pune?
I am from Pune.

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6 years 1 month ago #653 by superuser
Complete act and rules to register the marriage in Bangalore,karnataka under special marriage Act 1954. It is only applicable for state of Karnataka.Also find model forms and declaration forms to complete marriage registration.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Sec. 50 of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 (Central Act. 43 of 1954) the Government of Karnataka hereby makes the following Rules:-

1. 1) These Rules may be called the Special Marriage Karnataka Rules, 1961.

2) They shall extend to the whole of the State of Karnataka.

2. In these Rules :-

a. Act means the special Marriage Act, 1954 (Central Act 43, of 1954)

b. Form means a form appended to these Rules;

c. Section means a section of the Act.

3. Every Marriage Officer shall cause his name designation and the regular working hours of his office to be written in English and in Kannada and displayed in a conspicuous part of the building in which his office is situated.

4. (1) Notice of any intended marriage under the Act shall be given in writing in the form specified in the Second Schedule to the Act to the Marriage Officer by both the parties intending to enter into the marriage either in person or by registered post.

(2) Where the notice is delivered in person, the fee prescribed therefor in rule 10 shall be paid directly in cash to the Marriage Officer. Where the notice is sent by registered post the fee shall be remitted by money order at the remitters expense and the receipt issued to the remitter by the post office through which the remittance is made shall be attached to the notice.

(3) As soon as the notice has been received by the Marriage Officer a distinctive serial number shall be entered on it and such number and the date of receipt of the notice shall be attested by the signature of the Marriage Officer. If the notice is in the confirmity with the requirements of the Act, it shall be entered in the marriage notice book which shall be

1. Published in Karnataka Gazette part IV I C (ii) 16 dated May 18, 1961 page 1003 to 1010.

bound volume, the pages of which are machine numbered consecutively with a nominal index attached. If the notice is not in conformity with the requirements of the Act, it shall be got rectified by the parties if they are present or returned to them by post for rectification and retransmission within a date to be fixed. Every item of rectification shall be attested by both the parties.

(4) The marriage officer may for purpose of satisfying himself that the parties of the intended marriage have attained the age specified in clause (c) of section, 4, require them to produce their Birth Certificate or other satisfactory evidence of age.

5) A true copy of the notice under the seal and signature of the Marriage officer shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place in his office.

6) (1) Where an objection to the solemnization of an intended marriage together with the fee prescribed in rule 10 has been received and recorded by the Marriage Officer, he shall, unless by an order in writing rejects the objection summarily on the ground that the objection is not based on contravention of any of the conditions specified in sec. 4, enquire into the objection on a day to be fixed by him. The day so fixed shall not be later than thirty days from the date of the objection.

(2) The Marriage officer shall, at the time of recording the objection, ascertain from the objector whether he has any documents on which he relies or whether he desires any witness or witnesses to be examined on his behalf. If the objector states that he has, the Marriage officer shall require the objector to produce the documents or the witnesses on the day fixed for the enquiry. If the objector desires that summons shall be issued to the witnessee to appear and give evidences or to produce any document, the Marriage officer shall issue such a summons to the witnesses cited, on payment of the process fee prescribed therefor in rule 10 and the reasonable expenses of travelling and subsistence allowance to the witnesses. The enquiry relating to the objection including the production of documents and the examination of witness shall be completed and the decision of the marriage officer arrived at within the period of thirty days specified in section 8. If, within the prescribed period the documents are not produced and the witnesses do not appear before the marriage officer, the marriage officer shall take a decision without waiting for the production of such documents or the appearance of such witnesses.

(3) The marriage Officer shall also give notice of the date and time fixed for the enquiry to the parties to the intended marriage.

(4) The notice or summons to any party or witness under this rule shall be in Form I or Form II, as the case may be and shall be sent by registered post therefor.

(5) On the date fixed for the enquiry or an any adjourned date, the marriage officer shall record in his own hand the evidence given in the course of the enquiry, his decision on the objection and the reasons therefor.

7) (1) An application under sec. 16 for the registration of a marriage celebrated in other forms shall be in Form III.

(2) Such application shall be presented to the Marriage officer by any one of the parties in persons or sent to him by registered post.

(3) Notice of the application under sub-rule [1] shall be given by the Marriage Officer by exhibiting a true copy thereof under his seal and signature in a conspicuous place outside his office. The notice also shall state that objections, if any, to the registration of the Marriage should be preferred by the objector in person orally or in writing to the Marriage Officer within thirty days from the date on which the notice is exhibited.

(4) Any objection received with in the said period together with the fee prescribed therefor in rule 10 shall be recorded and the enquiry in respect thereto made as nearly as possible in the manner prescribed in rules 6.

8) The Marriage Officer may, on application by both the parties to the marriage, solemnize the same at any place outside his office provided the additional fee prescribed therefor in rule 10 is paid and the hour is not unreasonable.

9) The Marriage Certificate Book shall be a bound volume the pages of which are machine numbered consecutively with a nominal index attached. Every marriage certificate entered therein during each calendar year shall be consecutively numbered and every authenticated copy of a certificate issued to the parties shall bear the number and the date, month and year in which the certificate was entered.

10) The following fees shall be levied by the Marriage Officer :-

Rs. ps
for every notice of intended marriage or application for the registration of a marriage (to be paid by the parties to the Marriage)

(ii) for recording an objection (to be paid by the objector) 2-00
(iii) for every enquiry into an objection (to be paid by the objector) 50-00
for every notice and for every summons to a witness to appear and give evidence or produce a document [to be paid by the objector]

for solemnizing or registering a marriage [to be paid by the parties to the marriage]

10 - 00
for a certified copy of an entry:-
a) in the Marriage Notice Book other than an entry relating to an objection; or
b) in the Marriage Certificate Book (to be paid by the applicant)

2 - 00

for a certified copy of an entry in Marriage Notice Book other than a notice or any other proceeding not already provided for (to be paid by the applicant.

2 - 00
for solemnizing a marriage at any place outside the office of the Marriage officer in addition to the fee in entry (v) (to be paid by the parties to the marriage)

Note:- This fee may be appropriated by the Marriage Officer no travelling allowances shall, however, be claimed in addition.

15 - 00

for making a search (to be paid by the applicant):-
(a) If the entry is of the current year
(b) If the entry related to any previous year or years (for each such year)

The fees prescribed above shall be paid either in person or remitted by money order to the Marriage Officer.

A receipt duly signed by the Marriage Officer shall be issued for all fees received by him under the Act and the Rules. The receipt books shall be bound volumes of one hundred leaves each with folios and counter foils which shall be machine numbered consecutively. All money received by the marriage Officer except the fee mentioned in entry (viii) above shall be remitted into the local treasury.


11. Copy of entries in the Marriage certificate Book which Marriage Officer are required to send under section 48 to the Registrar-General of Births, deaths and Marriages shall be certified in Form IV and shall be sent at intervals of three months on or as early as possible after the 1st of January, April, July and October in each year. If no entries have been made in the book during the proceeding three months, a nil certificate shall be sent to the said Registrar General.

12. The Bombay Special Marriage Rules, 1955, as in force in the Bombay area, the Coorg Special Marriage Rules 1955 as in force in the Coorg District, the Hyderabad special Marriage Rules, 1955 as in force in the Hyderabad area, the Madras Special marriage Rules as in force in the Madras Area and the Mysore special Marriage Rules, as in force in the Mysore area, as hereby repealed :

Provided that the provisions of Section 6 of the General Clauses Act, 1897, (Central Act of 1897), shall be applicable as regards the effects of the repeal of the said rules:

Provided further that anything done or any Action taken under the said rules shall be deemed to have been done or taken under the corresponding provisions of these rules :

Form i

See. Rule 6 (4)



Before the Marriage Officer in the matter of the special Marriage Act 1954.

In the matter of the intended Marriage between.

between : Application to register the Marriage



CD (Give names and Address)





whereas notice of an Intended marriage an application for the registration of the marriage between AB and CD was received by the Marriage Officer on.....................

Whereas EF has preferred certain objections (Setout overleaf) to the Solemnization of the marriage; whereas the Marriage Officer ................. registration.

Will hold an enquiry into the matter of the said objections on ...................... day of ......................19...................... A.M./P.M on the said day together with all documents on which you relay and any witness or withnesses whom you may desire to be examined on your behalf.

Take notice that in default of your appearance on the aforesaid day, the inquiry will be made and decided in your absence.

(Set-Out the objections on the reverse of this notice) should you apprehend that your witness will not attend unless summoned by the Marriage Officer, you should apply to the Marriage Officer for the issue of such summons sufficiently early together with the prescribed process fee and the reasonable expense of travelling and subsistence allowance of the witness.

Given under my hand and seal

Station :

Date : Signature

Marriage Officer (Seal)

Form II

(see. Rule 6 (4)

Summons to Witness

Before the Marriage Officer .......................... (place) in the matter of the Special Marriage Act, 1954, and in the matter of the intended Marriage between/application to register the Marriage between :


CD (Give names and addresses)






whereas your attendance is required to give evidence on behalf of ................................. in the above matter, you are here by required to appear personally before me or to cause to be produced before me the document specified hereunder on the ........................... day of ......................19 A.M/P.M. A sum of Rs. ....................................... being your travelling and other expenses for one day is herewith sent.

If you fail to comply with this summons without lawful>

Take notice that in default of your appearance on the aforesaid day, the inquiry will be made and decided in your absence.

Given under my hand and seal.

Station : (Seal) Marriage Officer.

Date :


( See. Rule 7 (1) )

Application for Registration of a Marriage Under Sec. 15 of The Special Marriage Act, 1954 (Central Act 43 of 1954)

1. Name of the parties AB[husband]

2. Age or date of Birth CD (wife)



3. Permanent dwelling place, if any,

4. Present dwelling place.

5. Relationship, if any, of parties before marriage.

6. A ceremony of marriage was performed between AB and CD on ............. at ....................and AB declare that we have been living together as husband and wife ever since the date noted above.

We hereby declare that:-

(i) Neither of us has more than one spouse living on the date mentioned in this application.

(ii) Neither of us, is an idiot or lunatic.

(iii) Both of us have completed the age of twenty one years on the date of this application.

(iv) We are not within the degree of prohibited relationship; our marriage was celebrated before the commencement of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 (Central Act 43 of 1954) and according to law, custom or usage having the force of law, governing each of us, a marriage between us is permitted, though we are within the degrees of prohibited relationship according to the act as aforesaid.

NOTE : Score out whichever is not applicable.

(v) We have been residing within the jurisdiction of .............................Marriage Officer at .................... for a period of not less than thirty days immediately preceeding the date of this application.

We also declare that all the above particulars are true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Station :

Date : Signature.



Certificated that the above entries from the marriage certificate Book in this office bearing serial No. ....................................are true copies of all the entries in the Marriage Certificate Book kept by me for the three months ending.


Certified that no entries have been made in the Marriage Certificate book in this office during the three months ending....................................


Marriage Officer.

By Order and in the Name of the Governor of Karnataka.


Under Secretary to Government

Home Department

hree months - Whenever a marriage is not solemnized within three calendar months from the date on which notice thereof has been given to the Marriage Officer as required by section 5, or where an appeal has been field under sub-section (2) of section 8, within three months from the date of the decision of the district court on such appeal or, where the record of a case has been transmitted to the Central Government under section 10, within three months from the date of decision of the Central Government, the notice and all other proceedings arising there from shall be deemed to have lapsed, and no Marriage Officer shall solemnize the marriage until a new notice has been given in the manner laid down in this Act.


Registration of Marriages Celebrated in Other Forms

15. Registration of marriages celebrated in other forms -Any marriage celebrated, whether before or after the commencement of this Act, other than a marriage solemnized under the Special Marriage Act, 1872, (III of 1872) or under this Act, may be registered under this Chapter by a Marriage Officer in the territories to which this Act extends if the following conditions are fulfilled, namely :-

(a) a ceremony of marriage has been performed between the parties and they have been living together as husband and wife ever since;

(b) neither party has at the time of registration more than one spouse living;

(c) neither party is an idiot or a lunatic at the time of registration.

(d) the parties have completed the age of twenty-one years at the time of registration;

(e) the parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship:

Provided that in the case of a marriage celebrated before the commencement of this Act, this condition shall be subject to any law, custom or usage having the force of law governing each of them which permits of a marriage between the two; and

(f) The parties have been residing with the district of the Marriage Officer for a period of not less than thirty days immediately preceding the date on which the application is made to him for registration of the marriage.

16. Procedure for registration -Upon receipt of an application signed by both the parties to the marriage for the registration of their marriage under this Chapter, theMarriage Officer shall give public notice thereof in such manner as may be prescribed and after allowing a period of thirty days for objections and after hearing any objection received with that period, shall, if satisfied that all the conditions mentioned in section 15 are fulfilled, enter a certificate of the marriage in the Marriage Certificate Book in the form specified in the Fifth Schedule, and such certificate shall be signed by the parties to the marriage and by three witnesses.

17. Appeals from orders under section 16 -Any person aggrieved by any order of a Marriage Officer refusing to register a marriage under this Chapter may, within thirty days from the date of the order, appeal against that order to the district court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the Marriage Officer has his office, and the decision of the district court on such appeal shall be final, and the Marriage Officer to whom the application was made shall act in conformity with such decision.

18. Effect of registration of marriage under this Chapter : Subject to the provisions contained in sub-section (2) of section 24, where a certificate of marriage has been finally entered in the Marriage Certificate Book under this Chapter, the marriage shall, as from the date of such entry, be deemed to be a marriage solemnized under this Act, and all children born after the date of the ceremony of marriage (whose names shall also be entered in the Marriage Certificate Book) shall in all respect be deemed to be and always to have been the legitimate children of their parents :

Provided that nothing contained in this section shall be construed as conferring upon any such children any rights in or to the property of any person other than their parents in any case where, but for the passing of this Act, such children would have been incapable of possessing or acquiring any such rights by reason of their not being the legitimate children of their parents.



19. Effect of marriage on member of undivided family :The marriage solemnized under this Act of any member of an undivided family who professes the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jaina religion shall be deemed to effect his severance from such family.

20. Rights and disabilities not affected by Act - Subject to the provisions of section 19, any person whose marriage is solemnized under this Act shall have the same rights and shall be subject to the same disabilities in regard to the right of succession to any property as a person to whom the Caste Disabilities Removal Act, 1850 (21 of 1850) applies.

21. Succession to property of parties married under Act -Notwithstanding any restrictions contained in the Indian Succession Act, 1925 (39 of 1925) with respect to its application to members of certain communities, succession to the property of any person whose marriage is solemnized under this Act and to the property of the issue of such marriage shall be regulated by the provisions of the said Act and for the purposes of this section that Act shall have effect as if Chapter III of Part V (Special Rules for Pursi Intestate) had been omitted therefrom.

21A. Special provision in certain cases - Where the marriage is solemnized under this Act of any person who professes the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jaina religion with a person who professes the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jaina religion, section 19 and section21 shall not apply and so much of section 20 as creates a disability shall also not apply.



x x x x x

43. Penalty on Married person marrying again under this Act- Save as otherwise provided in Chapter III, every person who, being at the time married, procures, a marriage of himself or herself to be solemnized under this Act shall be deemed to have committed an offence under section 494 or section 495 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860), as the case may be, and the marriage so solemnized shall be void.

44. Punishment of bigamy - Every person whose marriages is solemnized under this Act and who, during the lifetime of his or her wife or husband, contracts any other marriage shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 494 and section 495 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860), for the offence of marrying again during the lifetime of a husband or wife, and the marriage so contracted shall be void.

45. Penalty for signing false declaration or certificate- Every person making, signing or attesting any declaration or certificate required by or under this Act containing a statement which is false and which he either knows or believes to be false or does not believe to the true shall be guilty of the offence described in section 199 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).

46. Penalty for wrongful> Any marriage officer who knowingly and wilfully solemnizes a marriage under this Act-

(1) without publishing a notice regarding such marriage as required by section 5, or

(2) within thirty days of the publication of the notice of such marriage, or

(3) in contravention of any other provision contained in this Act.

Shall be punishable with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both.

47. Marriage Certificate Book to be open to inspection - (1) The Marriage Certificate Book kept under this Act shall, at all reasonable times, be open for inspection and shall be admissible as evidence of the statements therein contained.

(2) Certified extracts from the Marriage Certificate Book shall, on application be given by the Marriage Officer to the applicant on payment by him of the 1prescribed fee.

48. Transmission of copies of entries in marriage records :-Every Marriage Officer in a State shall send to Registrar - General of Births, Deaths and Marriages of that State at such intervals and in such form as may be prescribed, a true copy of all entries made by him in the Marriage Certificate Book since the last of such intervals, and , in the case of Marriage Officers outside the territories to which the Act extends, the true copy shall be sent to such authority as the Central Government may specify in this behalf.

49. Correction of errors -(1) Any Marriage officer who discovers any error in the form or substance of any entry in the Marriage Certificate Book may, within one month next after the discovery of such error, in the presence of the persons married or in case of their death or alience in the presence of two other credible witnesses, correct the error by entry in the margin without any alteration f the original entry and shall sign the marginal entry and add there to the date - alternated of such correction and the Marriage Officer shall make the like marginal entry in the Certificate thereof.

(2) Every correction made under this section shall be attested by the witnesses in whose presence it was made.

(3) Where a copy of any entry has already been sent under section 48 to the Registrar - General or other authority, the Marriage Officer shall make and send in like manner a separate certificate of the original erroneous entry and of the marginal corrections therein made.

1. Stamp duty exempted to issue copy of extract certified to be true copy. Please see statutory exemption granted in Article 21 of the schedule to the Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957.


[See section 2(b) Degrees of Prohibited relationship]

PART - 1

1. Mother

2. Fathers Widow (Step-Mother)

3. Mothers mother

4. Mothers Fathers widow (Step grand-mother)

5. Mothers mothers mother

6. Mothers mothers fathers widow (Step great grand-mother)

7. Mothers fathers mother

8. Mothers fathers fathers widow (step great grand - mother)

9. Fathers mother

10. Fathers Fathers widow (Step grand-mother)

11. Fathers mothers mother

12. Fathers mothers fathers widow (step great grand-mother)

13. Fathers fathers mother

14. Fathers fathers fathers widow (step great grand-mother)

15. Daughter

16. Sons widow

17. Daughters daughters.

18. Daughters Sons widow

19. Sons daughter

20. Sons Sons widow

21. Daughters daughters daughter

22. Daughters daughters sons widow

23. Daughters sons daughter

24. Daughters sons sons widow

25. Sons daughters daughter

26. Sons daughters sons widow

27. Sons Sons daughter

28. Sons sons sons widow

29. Sister

30. Sisters daughter

31. Brothers daughter

32. Mothers sister

33. Fathers sister

34. Fathers brothers daughter

35. Fathers sisters daughter

36. Mothers sisters daughter

37. Mothers brothers daughter

Explanation :- For the purposes of this Part, the expression Widow includes a divorced wife.


1. Father

2. Mothers husband (step-father)

3. Fathers father

4. Fathers mothers husband (step grand-father)

5. Fathers fathers father

6. Fathers fathers mothers husband (step great grand-father)

7. Fathers Mothers father

8. Fathers mothers mothers husband (step great grand-father)

9. Mothers father

10. Mothers mothers husband (step grand-father)

11. Mothers fathers father

12. Mothers fathers mothers husband (step great grand-father)

13. Mothers mothers father

14. Mothers mothers mothers husband (step great grand-father)

15. Son

16. Daughters husband

17. Sons son

18. Sons daughters husband

19. Daughters son

20. Daughters daughters husband

21. Sons sons son

22. Sons sons daughters husband

23. Sons daughters son

24. Sons daughters daughters husband

25. Daughters sons son

26. Daughters sons daughters husband

27. Daughters daughters son

28. Daughters daughters daughters husband

29. Brother

30. Brothers son

31. Sisters son

32. Mothers brother

33. Fathers brother

34. Fathers brothers son

35. Fathers sisters son

36. Mothers sisters son

37. Mothers brothers son.

Explanation :- For the purposes of this Part, the expression husband includes a divorced husband.


(See Section 5)



Marriage Officer for the .................................................. District.

We are hereby give you notice that a marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, is intended to be solemnized between us within three calendar months from the date hereof.





Dwelling Place

Permanent Dwelling Place if dwelling Place not permanent

Length of residence

A.B. Unmarried
CD. Unmarried

Witness our hands this .................................................. day of ........................20......

(Signature) A.B.

(Signature) C.D.


(See Section 11)


I, A.B., hereby declare as follow :-

1. I am at the present time unmarried (or a widower or a divorcee, as the case may be).

2. I have completed.............. years of age.

3. I am not related to C.D. (the bride) within the degrees of prohibited relationship.

4. I am aware that, if any statement in this declaration is false, and if in making such statement I either know or believe it to be false or do not believe it to be true, I am liable to imprisonment and also to fine.

(Signature) A.B.(the Bridegroom)


I, C.D., hereby declare as follows :-

1. I am at the present time unmarried (or a widow or a divorcee, as the case may be)

2. I have completed..........years of age.

3. I am not related to A.B. (the bridegroom) within the degrees of prohibited relationship

4. I am aware that, if any statement is this declaration is false, and if in making such statement I either know or believe it to be false or do not believe it to be true, I am liable to imprisonment and also to fine.

(Signature) C.D. (the Bride).

Signed in our presence by the above-named A.B. and C.D. so far as we are aware there is no lawful>

(Signature) G.H.

(Signature) I.J. Three witnesses.

(Signature) K.L.

Countersigned E.F.,

Marriage Officer.

Dated the ............................................... day of ................................... 20.........


(See section 13)


I, E.F., hereby certify that on the ........................... day of .................... 20............, A.B. and C.D. * appeared before me and that each of them, in my presence and in the presence of three witnesses who have signed hereunder, made the declarations required by section 11 and that a marriage under this Act was solemnized between them in my presence.

(Signature) E.F.,

Marriage Officer for

(Signature) A.B.,


(Signature) C.D.,


(Signature) G.H.

(Signature) I.J. Three witnesses

(Signature) K.L.

Dated the ................................................... day of ............................... 20.......................

* Herein give particulars of the parties.


(See Section16)


I, E.F., hereby certify that A.B. and C.D.* appeared before me this...............................day of ......................... 20.............. and the each of them, in my presence of three witnesses who have signed hereunder have declared that a ceremony of marriage has been performed between them and that they have been living together as husband and wife since the time of their marriage, and that in accordance with their desire to have their marriage registered under this Act, the said marriage has, this............. day of .......................................... 20.......................... been registered under this Act, having effect as from.

(Signature) E.F.,

Marriage Officer for

(Sd.) A.B.,


(Sd.) C.D.


(Sd.) G.H.

(Sd.) I.J. Three witnesses

(Sd.) K.L.

Dated the.................................................. day of ..................... 20................

* Herein give particulars of the parties.

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6 years 1 month ago #656 by batcha
Replied by batcha on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
Find attached marriage registrar office contact number, address and email id of bangalore and other district of karnataka state.You can approach them directly for any clarification.
1.District Registrar Bagalkote,Dist. Adm. Bhavan, No.204/205, 2nd Floor, Navanagar, Bagalkote-587 102 Sri Shivakumar Aparanji [email protected] 08354-235466
2 Sub Registrar Bagalkote Taluk office premises, Bagalkote -587101 Smt, D.G Math SRO [email protected]
3 Sub Registrar Badami Taluk office premises, Badami,
Bagalkote Dist -587201 Shri, S.B Wali [email protected]
4 Sub Registrar Bilgi Taluk office premises, Bilagi,
Bagalkote Dist -587116 Shri, Ravi [email protected]
5 Sub Registrar Guledagudda Municipal Building, Near Badami Toll Naka, Badami Taluk, Bagalkote Dist.-587203 FDA Shri, U Shankar Nayak In charge [email protected]
6 Sub Registrar Hungundha Mini vidhanasoudha premises, Hungunda, Bagalkote Dist -587118 Shri, S.B Mundaragi [email protected]
7 Sub Registrar Ilkal Sabha Bhavan, Town Municipal Council Building ilakal, Bagalkote Dist -587125 Shri, Praveen [email protected]
8 Sub Registrar Jamakandi Taluk office premises, Jamakandi,
Bagalkote Dist -587301 Shri, T.N Bhavoor [email protected]
9 Sub Registrar Kerur Kerur Town Panchayat Premises, Kerur, Badami Taluk, Bagalkote Dist.-587206 Shri, Mahamad Hawaldar [email protected]
10 Sub Registrar Mudhol Taluk office premises, Mudhol,
Bagalkote Dist -587313 Shri, Lakunda [email protected]
11 Sub Registrar Teradalu Shri, Damma [email protected]
12 District Registrar Bangalore Rural District Registrar and Registrar of Firms
No 123/30, Sathya Complex, 3rd floor, 1st Main, Industrial town, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560044 Sri Mohan Kumar Pandith [email protected] 080-23500230
13 Sub Registrar Devanahalli Mini-Vidhana soudha building, B.B. Road, Devanahalli, Bangalore Rural Dist -562110 Jayaprakash [email protected]
14 Sub Registrar Doddabllapura Mini-Vidhana Soudha premises, Doddaballapur, Bangalore Rural Dist-561203 Jaykumar [email protected]
15 Sub Registrar Hoskote Mini-Vidhana Soudha premises,Hosakote, Bangalore Rural Dist -562114 Lakshman Prasad [email protected]
16 Sub Registrar Nelamangala Mini-Vidhana soudha building,Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural Dist-562123 Ramdasegouda [email protected]
17 District Registrar Basavanagudi
2nd floor, Vasakarahalli, BMTC bus stand complex, Vidyanagar, Bangalore-560085. Shankaralingaiah.K.H [email protected] 020-26791390
18 Sub Registrar Basavanagudi
No.183, 1st Floor, Gandhi Bazar Main Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore - 560 004 Sanganna Basappa [email protected]
19 Sub Registrar Anekal
Mini Vidhana Soudha, Taluk office premises, ANEKAL, Bangalore -562106. Girish chand [email protected]
20 Sub Registrar Attibele No.430, Anna Building, Hennagara Gate, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore-560 099 Venkatesh [email protected]
21 Sub Registrar Banashankari Agriculture Produce Co-op Marketing Society Building (APMC ), Kanakapura Road, Banashankari, Bangalore-560 070 Viswanatha [email protected]
22 Sub Registrar Chamarajpet 3rd Main Road, Near Rameshwara Temple, Chamarajpet, Bangalore Pincode-560018 Sowmyalatha [email protected]
23 Sub Registrar Jigani No.459/39/2, Bannerghatta Village, Opp. Police Station, Bannerghatta, Bangalore-560083 Manjunath [email protected]
24 Sub Registrar Sarjapura No.964/1015, Vidyanagar, 60th Cross, Sarjapura, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore-562125 Sadakshari [email protected]
25 District Registrar Belgaum
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, BELGAUM, D.C. Off Compound, Belgaum -590 001 Sri Girish N Bistangouda [email protected] 0831-2428620
26 Sub Registrar Belgaum Belgaum DC Off compound, Belgaum -590001 Syed Hussain [email protected]
27 Sub Registrar Athani Tashildhar office premises, Athani,
Belgaum Dist -591304 Suresh B [email protected]
28 Sub Registrar Bailhongala Mini-Vidhana soudha, Bylahongala,
Belgaum Dist -591102 S. P. Dharma(I/C) [email protected]
29 Sub Registrar Chikkodi Mini-Vidhana soudha premises, Chikkodi, Belgaum Dist -591201 Prasanna [email protected]
30 Sub Registrar Gokak Mini-Vidhana soudha premises, Gokak,
Belgaum Dist -591307 Santhosh Kumar [email protected]
31 Sub Registrar Hukkeri Mini-Vidhana soudha premises, Hukkeri, Belgaum Dist -591309 G. p. Nayak [email protected]
32 Sub Registrar Khanapur Mini-Vidhana soudha premises, Khanapur, Belgaum Dist -591302 Manihar Navi [email protected]
33 Sub Registrar Kittur Special Tahsildar Office Building, BylahongalaTaluk, Belgaum Dist S R Malagi [email protected]
34 Sub Registrar Muragodu Near police station, soudathi taluk, Muragodu, Belgaum Dist -561119 B.H. Nimbargi [email protected]
35 Sub Registrar Nippani Maanika nagara, chikkodi taluk, Nippani, Belgaum Dist -591237 Krishnappa [email protected]
36 Sub Registrar Raibagh Mini-Vidhana soudha premises, Raibagh, Belgaum Dist -591317 Prubhkanthyalagi [email protected]
37 Sub Registrar Ramdurga Mini-Vidhana soudha, Ramdurga,
Belgaum Dist -591123 M R Patil I/c [email protected]
38 Sub Registrar Sadalga Chikkodi road , Sadalaga, Belgaum Dist -586128 [email protected]
39 Sub Registrar Soudathi Mini-Vidhana soudha, Soudathi,
Belgaum Dist -591126 S R Dhannimani [email protected]
40 District Registrar Bellary District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, BELLARY Station Road Bellary-583 101 P Somshekar [email protected] 08392-273588
41 Sub Registrar Bellary Station road, Bellary-583101 [email protected]
42 Sub Registrar Hagaribommanahalli Mini-Vidhana soudha, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary Dist -583212 H. Sunkappa [email protected]
43 Sub Registrar HoovinaHadagali Mini-Vidhana soudha, Hoovinahadagali,
Bellary Dist -583219 Hanumappa naik [email protected]
44 Sub Registrar Hospete Old bus stand road, near vegetable market, Hospete, Bellary Dist-583201 B N Jayapadma [email protected]
45 Sub Registrar Kampli Near Dr.B.R.Ambedkar circle,Main Road, Hospete taluk, Kampli, Bellary Dist -583132 M Prabhakar [email protected]
46 Sub Registrar Kudligi Taluk office premises, Kudligi,
Bellary Dist -583135 T. M. Panchakshari [email protected]
47 Sub Registrar Kurgodu Bellary Road, Kurgodu, Bellary Dist -563116 M. Chandrakanth [email protected]
48 Sub Registrar Sandur Mini-Vidhana soudha, hospete Road, Sandur, Bellary Dist -583119 M. Umesh(I/C) [email protected]
49 Sub Registrar Shiraguppa Irrrigation dept premises, Bidar-bellary road, Shiraguppa, Bellary Dist -583121 Ramachandra [email protected]
50 District Registrar Bidar Neela Shivam Complex, House No: 9/8/323, Rama Chowk, BVB College Main Road, Opposite to Arunodaya Hospital, Bidar Somashekar.P (I/C) [email protected] 08482-225641
51 Sub Registrar Bidar D.C. Office Compound, Bidar-585401 S.M. Hemesh [email protected]
52 Sub Registrar Aurad Mini-Vidhana soudha, Aurad, Bidar Dist -585326 Chandrakanth Shikari [email protected]
53 Sub Registrar Basavakalyana Mini-Vidhana soudha, Basavakalyana,
Bidar Dist-585327 Nijagonda [email protected]
54 Sub Registrar Bhalki Mini-Vidhana soudha, Bhalki, Bidar Dist -585328 Gayathri/ Shivkumar(I/C) [email protected]
55 Sub Registrar Humnabad Mini-Vidhana soudha, Humnabad,
Bidar Dist -585338 Shivsharana Ambalagi(I/C) [email protected]
56 District Registrar Bijapur
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, BIJAPUR, 3rd Floor, KHB Building, Sollapur Road, Bijapur-586 101 Nadegowda.G.R [email protected] 08352-261776
57 Sub Registrar Bijapur 2nd Floor,K.H.B. Building, Sollapur Road,
Bijapur-586101 Hossali [email protected]
58 Sub Registrar BasavanaBagewadi 1st Floor, Mini Vidhana soudha, Basavana Bagewadi, Bijapur Dist -586203 Srinivas [email protected]
59 Sub Registrar Indi Office road, Indi, Bijapur Dist-583209 B. S. Biradar [email protected]
60 Sub Registrar Muddebihal Tashildhar office compound, Muddebihal, Bijapur Dist -586212 R. Lakkond [email protected]
61 Sub Registrar Sindhagi Mini-Vidhana soudha, Bijapur road, Sindhagi, Bijapur Dist -583428 Bhagyath [email protected]
62 District Registrar Chamarajanagar
No.216, IInd floor, District Administrative Building, Chamarajanagar-571 313 Vijayalakshmi Inamdhar.R (I/C) [email protected] 08226-224377
63 Sub Registrar Chamarajanagar Mini Vidhana Soudha, Chamarjanagar-571313 N. Gayathri [email protected]
64 Sub Registrar Gundlupet Mini-Vidhana soudha, mysore nilgiri road, Gundlupet, Chamarjanagar Dist -571111 M. vivek [email protected]
65 Sub Registrar Hanur Bus Stand Building, Pattana Panchayat, Hanur, Kollegala Taluk M. Siddesh [email protected]
66 Sub Registrar Kollegala Dr Ambedkar road, near police station, Kollegala, Chamarjanagar Dist -571440 C.P Nandini [email protected]
67 Sub Registrar Kuderu Main road, near police station, Kuderu, Chamarajanagar Taluk &Dist, -571316 N. Madaiah [email protected]
68 Sub Registrar Yelandur Mini-Vidhana soudha, K.K road, Yelandur, Chamarjanagar Dist-571441 N.G. Nagaraj [email protected]
69 District Registrar Chikkaballapura District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, CHIKKABALLAPURA Mahakali Road, Sunnakal Road, Chikkaballapur-562101 Sri Ramachandra [email protected] 08156-270781
70 Sub Registrar Chikkaballapura
Govt. Employees Association Building, Vapasandra, Chikkaballapura-562101 Bojaraj [email protected]
71 Sub Registrar Bagepalli
Mini vidhanasouda, Bagepalli,
Chikkaballapur Dist -561207 Papanne [email protected]a.gov.in
72 Sub Registrar Chintamani
Mini Vidhana Soudha, Chintamani, Chikkaballapur Dist-563125 Krishnappa [email protected]
73 Sub Registrar Gowribidanur
Mini-Vidhana soudha, Gowribidanur, Chikkaballapur Dist -561208 Ghaniulla Khan [email protected]
74 Sub Registrar Gudibande
B.C.Ramaiah building, near police station, Gudibande, Chikkaballapur Dist -561209 Muniraju(I/C) [email protected]
75 Sub Registrar Shidlaghatta
Mini Vidhana Soudha, Shidlaghatta, Chikkaballapur Dist -562105 Kanthishetty [email protected]
76 District Registrar Chikkmagalur
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, CHIKKAMAGALUR C.B. Marigowda Complex, 1st floor, Rathnagiri Road, Chikmagalur-577 101 Hemagirish (I/C) [email protected] 08262-232380
77 Sub Registrar Chikkmagalur Sri Srinivasa Complex, Beside Canara Bank (Basavanahalli Branch), Rathnagiri Road, Chikamagalur-577101 B Devaraju [email protected]
78 Sub Registrar Kadur Taluk office compound, mini vidhana soudha, T.B Road, Kadur, Chikmagalur Dist-577574 Gayathri [email protected]
79 Sub Registrar Koppa A.Rajesh Rao, Memorial Charity Trust, Balagadi Road, Koppa Siddaramegouda [email protected]
80 Sub Registrar Mudigere Mini vidhana soudha, Mudigere,
Chikmagalur Dist -577132 Venkatesh [email protected]
81 Sub Registrar Narasimharajapur B.M.S. Complex, N.R. Pura,
Chikmagalur Dist -577134 [email protected]
82 Sub Registrar Shringeri Mini vidhana soudha, Shringeri,
Chikmagalur Dist -577139 Anitha [email protected]
83 Sub Registrar Tarikere T.K.Sateesh
S/o M.Y.Krishnamurthy
Opposite to Karnataka Bank
B.H.Road, Tarikere Bhagyalakshmi [email protected]
84 District Registrar Chitradurga
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, Chitradurga Town Co-operative Bank Ltd Premises. DC Office road,
Chitradurga-577501 Swamy.K [email protected] 08194-222026
85 Sub Registrar Chitradurga Taluk office compound, Chitradurga-577501 Rukmangada [email protected]
86 Sub Registrar Challakere Mini-Vidhana soudha, Challakere,
Chitradurga Dist -577522 T.K.O. Kariyamma [email protected]
87 Sub Registrar Hiriyur Mini-Vidhana soudha, Hiriyur,
Chitradurga Dist -577601 VenkataKrishna(I/C) [email protected]
88 Sub Registrar Holalkere Mini-Vidhana soudha, Holalkere,
Chitradurga Dist -577526 M. Vyshali [email protected]
89 Sub Registrar Hosadurga Mini-Vidhana soudha, Hosadurga,
Chitradurga Dist -577527 Lalithamma [email protected]
90 Sub Registrar Molakalmur Raidurga, Hanagal road, Near Bus stand, Malakalmur town Mahesh Ashok Halwai(I/C) [email protected]
91 District Registrar Davanagere
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, DAVANAGERE , Dist Administrative Bhawan, Room No 33, Karur Industrial Area, Davangere -577 006 Gurumurthy.D.V [email protected] 08192-251641
92 Sub Registrar Davanagere
Door No 162/1, P.B.Road,
Near Honda Showroom, Davanagere Satish .D.P [email protected]
93 Sub Registrar Channagiri Mini-vidhanasoudha ,Channagiri,
Davanagere Dist -577213 H B Gandhi [email protected]
94 Sub Registrar Harapanahalli Hospet road, Harapanahalli,
Davanagere Dist -583131 M Umesha [email protected]
95 Sub Registrar Harihara Kondaji Basappa Building, Shimoga road, Harihara, Davanagere Dist-577601 Ranvindragowda .K.R [email protected]
96 Sub Registrar Honnali Old Taluk Office compound, Honnalli, Davanagere Dist -577217 D Devendrappa [email protected]
97 Sub Registrar Jagalur Mini-Vidhana soudha, Jagalur, Davanagere Dist -577528 C. Tipperudrappa [email protected]
98 District Registrar Dharwad
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, DHARWAD Mini Vidhana Soudha, Dharwad-580 001 Pandith.M.P [email protected] 0836-2447013
99 Sub Registrar Dharwad D.C.office compound, Dharwad-580001 P. C. Bilehal [email protected]
100 Sub Registrar Annigere Sub Registrar Office, Purasabe complex, Annigere Main Road, Annigere, Navalgundh Taluk, Dharwad District [email protected]
101 Sub Registrar HubliNorth Priyadharshini Complex, Nekarara Bhavana, Vidyanagar, Hubli M.B. Dummal [email protected]
102 Sub Registrar HubliSouth Mini-Vidhana Soudha building, Hubli-580021 G P Nayak [email protected]
103 Sub Registrar Kalghatagi Mini-Vidhana soudha building, Kalghatagi, Dharwad Dist -581204 J.V. Salunke [email protected]
104 Sub Registrar Kundagola Mini-Vidhanasoudha building, Kundagola, Dharwad Dist-581113 B.V. Mensinkai [email protected]
105 Sub Registrar Navalgunda Mini Vidhanasoudha, Navalgunda,
Dharwad Dist -582207 Dinjar [email protected]
106 District Registrar Gadag
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, No.219, IInd floor, District Administrative Building, Gadag-582101 Honnurappa.H.B [email protected] 08372-230888
107 Sub Registrar Gadag Old Assistant Commissioner office, Tehsildar Compound, Court Road, Gadag - 582101 N.K Naidu [email protected]
108 Sub Registrar Gajendragada Municipal Office Premises, Old Municipal Building, Rona Taluk, Gadag Dist-582209 S V Valley [email protected]
109 Sub Registrar Lakshmeshwar Special Tahsildar Office, Old Building, Lakshmeshwar Shrikant Bhatt [email protected]
110 Sub Registrar Mundargi Mini Vidhanasoudha, Mundaragi,
Gadag Dist - 582118 D. Dinesh [email protected]
111 Sub Registrar Naragunda New Taluk Office compound, Naragunda,
Gadag Dist -582207 Girish Aramani [email protected]
112 Sub Registrar Rona Taluk Office compound, Rona,
Gadag Dist -582209 S.N. Sambrani [email protected]
113 Sub Registrar Shirahatti Mini Vidhanasoudha, Shirahatti,
Gadag Dist - 582120 Salma Kanivi [email protected]
114 District Registrar Gandhinagar District Registrar & Registrar of Firms
No.17, 2nd floor, Maruthi Plaza, Near Police Station, Vyalikaval, Bangalore - 560003 Umashanker Swamy [email protected] 080-23440033
115 Sub Registrar Gandhinagar 3rd and 4th Floor, Annex Building, Bangalore city DC Office Compound, Bangalore - 560 009 Swarnalatha [email protected]
116 Sub Registrar BDA BDA Kumara Park West, Bangalore-560020 Shivananjaya [email protected]
117 Sub Registrar Byatarayanapura No. 641, Kodigehalli Mainroad, 1st Floor, BBMP Ward No. 8, Bangalore- 560 092. Ramesh [email protected]
118 Sub Registrar Ganganagar No. 70, Ist Floor, above Kanthi Sweets, 5th Main, Ganganagar, Bangalore-32. Manju [email protected]
119 Sub Registrar Hebbal No.69, Opposite Vidyanjali Public School, Cholanayakana Halli, RT Nagar Post,
Bangalore-560 032 Bhaskar C [email protected]
120 Sub Registrar Hesarghatta H.C.Puttaswamy Layout, Near New Bus stand & Near Nada Kacheri Office, Adjacent to KEB Office, Hesaraghatta, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore-560088. Bhaskar. S. Chowra [email protected]
121 Sub Registrar Jala OLD ADDRESS
Sericulture Cum Farmers Service Co-operative Bank Ltd., Chikkajala, Near Nada Kacheri, Opp. Chikkajala Police Station, NH7, Bellary Road, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore-562157 Parvathamma [email protected]
122 Sub Registrar Kacharakanahalli No.111, 9th Main Road, 3rd Stage Pillanna Garden, Near Bilal Masjid, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore-560 045. Honnammarani [email protected]
123 Sub Registrar Malleshwaram No.11,12, Ist Floor, I & II Main Road, Palace Guttahalli, Bangalore -03 Guru Raghavendra [email protected]
124 Sub Registrar Yelahanka
No.15, 1st Main Road Sree Rudhreswara Chambers, Yalahanka New Town, Bangalore-560064 Panduranga Attavar [email protected]
125 District Registrar Gulbarga
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, GULBARGA,1st Floor, Mini Vidhana Soudha, Gulbarga -585 101 Syed Khader Koppal [email protected] 08472-274801
126 Sub Registrar Gulbarga Room no-3,Vikasa Bhavana, Gulbarga-585101 M. Vijaykumar [email protected]
127 Sub Registrar Afzalpur Mini-Vidhana soudha, Afzalpur,
Gulbarga Dist -585301 Mohammed Saleemuddin [email protected]
128 Sub Registrar Alanda Mini-Vidhana soudha, Alanda,
Gulbarga Dist-585302 Anuradha M. K [email protected]
129 Sub Registrar Chincholi Mini-Vidhana soudha, Chincholi,
Gulbarga Dist -585307 Praveen Kumar Gobi [email protected]
130 Sub Registrar Chittapur Tashildhar office premises, Chittapur,
Gulbarga Dist -585211 Mallesh Kobal(I/C) [email protected]
131 Sub Registrar Jevargi Tashildhar office premises, Jevargi,
Gulbarga Dist -585310 Teja Singh Rathore(I/C) [email protected]
132 Sub Registrar Sedam Mini-Vidhana soudha, Sedam,
Gulbarga Dist -585222 Ravichandra D [email protected]
133 District Registrar Hassan
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, HASSAN Hosline Road,Near Basaveshwara Kalyana Mantapa, Beside to Traffic Police Station, Hassan-573 201 Imtiyaz Ahamed [email protected] 08172-270200
134 Sub Registrar Hassan Mini-Vidhana soudha, kuvempu nagara,
Hassan-573201 Uma Devi [email protected]
135 Sub Registrar Alur Sri Venkateshwara Building , B.M.Road, Alur, Hassan Dist -573213 Kannapa(I/C) [email protected]
136 Sub Registrar Arakalagud Mini Vidhanasoudha, Kote, Arakalgud,
Hassan Dist -573102 J. Narayana [email protected]
137 Sub Registrar Arasikere Mini Vidhanasoudha, B.H.Road, Arasikere, Hassan Dist-573103 S. M. Bovi [email protected]
138 Sub Registrar Banavara Huliyur Road, Arasikere Taluk, Banavara,
Hassan Dist-573112 Srinivas (I/C) [email protected]
139 Sub Registrar Belur Mini Vidhanasoudha, Belur, Hassan Dist -573115 M. Nanjappa [email protected]
140 Sub Registrar Channarayapatna Mini Vidhanasoudha, Channarayapatna,
Hassan Dist -573116 G.B. Manjunath [email protected]
141 Sub Registrar Holenarasipura Mini vidhana Soudha, Holenarsipura,
Hassan Dist -573211 C. Nanjappa [email protected]
142 Sub Registrar Nuggehalli Near police station, Channarayapatna taluk, Nuggehalli, Hassan Dist -573131 E. Kantharaj [email protected]
143 Sub Registrar Sakaleshpura Near old bus stand, Venkateshwara Building, B.M.Road, Sakaleshpura, Hassan Dist -573134 Abdul Khavi [email protected]
144 District Registrar Haveri District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, HAVERI Dist. Administrative Bhavan, 'A' Block, 3rd Floor,Devagiri, Haveri-581110 Ismail Dambar Mattur [email protected] 08375-249006
145 Sub Registrar Haveri Mini-Vidhana soudha, Tashildhar office compound, Haveri-581110 Prasanna .G [email protected]
146 Sub Registrar Byadagi Mini-Vidhana soudha ,Tashildhar office compound, Byadagi, Haveri Dist-581106 V. S. Pujar [email protected]
147 Sub Registrar Hanagal Mini-Vidhana soudha Bldg., Tashildhar office compound, Hanagal, Haveri Dist -581104 S. B. Basanagouda [email protected]
148 Sub Registrar Hirekerur Mini-Vidhana soudha Tashildhar office compound, Hirekerur, Haveri Dist -581111 S. M. Bhoomi [email protected]
149 Sub Registrar Ranebennur Mini-Vidhana soudha Tashildhar office compound, Ranebennur, Haveri Dist -581115 E. S. Rangaswamy [email protected]
150 Sub Registrar Savanur Mini-Vidhana soudha, Tashildhar office compound, Savanur, Haveri Dist -581118 Devandrappa .K.N [email protected]
151 Sub Registrar Shiggao Old Tashildhar office compound, Shiggao,
Haveri Dist -581205 S. N. Varnekara [email protected]
152 District Registrar Jayanagar
New No 2722, 1st Floor, 12th Main 4th Block, Near Jayanagar Shopping Complex,
Bangalore-560 011 Gangadharaiah [email protected] 080-26654584
153 Sub Registrar Jayanagar
12th Main Rd, 4th Block, Near Jayanagara Complex, Bangalore Pincode-560041 Raykar [email protected]
154 Sub Registrar Begur No.1105/9C, 1st Floor, Above Canara Bank, Near Bus stand, Begur Village, Bangalore-560 016 GuruRaghavenda [email protected]
155 Sub Registrar Bommanahalli 2nd Floor, 7th Cross, 3rd Block, Koramangala BDA Complex, Bangalore-560034 Nagabushan [email protected]
156 Sub Registrar BTMLayout No.13 & 13/2, 7th Cross, Tavarekere Main Road, B.T.M. Layout I Stage, Bangalore-76 Kumari Rupa [email protected]
157 Sub Registrar JPNagar No.8, Ameet Arcade, Amrutha Nagara Main Road, Konanakunte, Bangalore-560 062 ShanthMurthy [email protected]
158 Sub Registrar Kengeri
SLN complex, Mysore Road, Near BTS Bus Stand, Kengeri, Bangalore Pincode-560060 ShreeHari [email protected]
159 Sub Registrar RajarajeshwariNagar No.25, DM Chambers Jawaharalalnehru Road, BEML Road, 3rd Stage, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore-560098 Nagendra [email protected]
160 Sub Registrar Shantinagar OLD ADDRESS
29/1,29/2, 2nd Floor, 7th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore-27. Rangaswami [email protected]
161 Sub Registrar Tavarekere No.1943, Anugraha, Tavarekere-Kengeri Road, Tavarekere, Bangalore-562 130 Javardhan [email protected]
162 District Registrar Karwar
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, UTTARA KANNADA (KARWAR DISTRICT) M.G. Road, Karwar-581 301 Ashok Naik [email protected] 08382-227578
163 Sub Registrar Karwar 1st Floor, M.G. Road, Karwar-581301 H. Nagaraj [email protected]
164 Sub Registrar Bhatkala Govt.Employees Sabha bhavan, Bhatkal, Uttara Kannada (Karwar) Dist-581320 K.B. Koukar [email protected]
165 Sub Registrar Haliyala Taluk Office compound, Haliyala, Uttara Kannada (Karwar) Dist -581329 V.S. Ghorpade [email protected]
166 Sub Registrar Honnavara Mahale Complex, Near Kamat Hotel, Honnavara, Uttara Kannada (Karwar) Dist -581334 Shashikala(I/C) [email protected]
167 Sub Registrar Kumata No. 1122/1, Ground Floor, Ramesh G Naik, Benne Building, Court Road, Kumata. M.V. Shetty [email protected]
168 Sub Registrar Mundagod Mundagoda Sirsi Taluk,
Uttara Kannada (Karwar) Dist-581349 Suchitra Gavas [email protected]
169 Sub Registrar Siddapura Sub Registrar Office, Kanakadasa Galli, Pattana Panchayat, Siddapura,
Uttara kannada (Karwar) - 581355 Samachari(I/C) [email protected]
170 Sub Registrar Sirsi Mini Vidhana soudha, Sirsi, Uttara Kannada (Karwar) Dist -581401 Parameshwar Bhatt [email protected]
171 District Registrar Kodagu/ Madikeri OLD ADDRESS:
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, KODAGU, No 77/1 Block 20, opp to lakshminarashima kalayana mantap, Brahamin street,
Madikeri-571 201 Siddesh (I/C) [email protected] 08272-229158
172 Sub Registrar Kodagu/ Madikeri Kohinoor Road ,
K. M. Bhanumathi [email protected]
173 Sub Registrar Ponnampet
Gram panchayath building, Ponnampet, Madikeri Dist -571216 Sateesh P(I/C) [email protected]
174 Sub Registrar Somavarpete OLD ADDRESS:
Mini-Vidhana soudha building, Somavarpete, Madikeri Dist -571234 Anitha Moses [email protected]
175 Sub Registrar Veerajpete Boregowda Complex,
FMC Road, Virajpete B. C. Shivappa(I/C) [email protected]
176 District Registrar Kolar
Khata No 404, AR No: 427, 1st Floor, Srinivasapura Road, Signal Circle, Oppositte Mini Vidhana Soudha, Kolar Mohammed Ali [email protected] 08152-222759
177 Sub Registrar Kolar
Near Prabhat Talkies , Kolar-563101 Y. N. Prasanna Kumar [email protected]
178 Sub Registrar Bangarapet
Taluk office compound, Bangarapete, Kolar Dist-563114 Suresh [email protected]
179 Sub Registrar Malur Mini Vidhana soudha , Malur, Kolar Dist -563130 Phaneendra [email protected]
180 Sub Registrar Mulabagilu
Near old Taluk Office, Mulabagilu,
Kolar Dist -563131 Nagaraj [email protected]
181 Sub Registrar Srinivasapura Mini-Vidhana soudha, Srinivasapura, Kolar Dist -563135 byareddy [email protected]
182 District Registrar Koppal District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & societies, Koppala Dist. Administrative Bhavan,
Koppal-583 231 Ashok.K [email protected] 08539-221850
183 Sub Registrar Koppal Old DC Office Compound, Koppal-583231 Nazeer Ahmed Nadaf [email protected]
184 Sub Registrar Gangavati Mini Vidhana Soudha, Gangavati,
Koppal Dist-583227 M. Santhosh(I/C) [email protected]
185 Sub Registrar Karatigi APMC Compound, Karatagi, Gagavati Tq,
Koppal Dist-583 229 P.E. Kiran(I/C) [email protected]
186 Sub Registrar Kushtagi Mini Vidhana Soudha, Kushtagi,
Koppal Dist -584121 Revamma(I/C) [email protected]
187 Sub Registrar Yelburga Old Tahshildar office compound, Yelburga, Koppal Dist -583236 K. Manohar(I/C) [email protected]
188 District Registrar Mandya
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, MANDYA, Vidyanagar, opp DDPI Office, K.R. Road Mandya-571 401 Raghavendra Rao [email protected] 08232-221918
189 Sub Registrar Mandya DC Office premises, Next to PLD Bank, Bazaar Street, Mandya-571401 M. Basavanna/ M. Shivshankar murthy [email protected]
190 Sub Registrar Bellur H.K.Manjula, W/o Srikantappa, Bellur Cross, Nagamangala Taluk Basavanna [email protected]
191 Sub Registrar KRPet Govt. Building, Old Taluka Office, K.R.Pet Town C. Narasimhaiah [email protected]
192 Sub Registrar Maddur
Mini-Vidhana soudha Premises, Maddur, Mandya Dist -571428 N. Nagaraj [email protected]
193 Sub Registrar Malavalli Kollegala Main Road, Opposite to Police Station, Muthoot Finance Building, Malavalli Manjula [email protected]
194 Sub Registrar Nagamangala N.K.Varadaraju, S/o Karishetty B, Tank Road, South Side, No. 2430/453, Nagamangala Town, Nagamangala Taluk K. B. Vishveshwaraiah [email protected]
195 Sub Registrar Pandavapura C/o C.M.Janaradhan, No 662/395, Ist Floor, Nagamangala, Mysore Main Road, Opposite Mini Vidhan Soudha, Pandavapura Shivappa [email protected]
196 Sub Registrar Srirangapatna Mini-Vidhana soudha Premises , Srirangapatna, Mandya Dist -571438 S. R. Premakumari [email protected]
197 District Registrar Mangalore/ Dakshin Kannada District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, DAKSHINA KANNADA (MANGALORE) D.C. Office Compound Mangalore-575 001 Ravindra L Poojar [email protected] 0824-2220573
198 Sub Registrar MangaloreCity D.C. Compound Mangalore-575001 Kavita .P. B. [email protected]
199 Sub Registrar MangaloreTaluk D.C. Compound Mangalore-575001 Raghuram .Prasad [email protected]
200 Sub Registrar Bantwala Near Bantwala Taluk Office,Bantwala, DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574219 A.V. Teresa [email protected]
201 Sub Registrar Belthangadi Near Taluk Office , Belthangadi, DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574214 Nagaraj(I/C) [email protected]
202 Sub Registrar Moodabidre Near Hanuman temple, Mangalore taluk, Moddabidre, DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574227 T. Narsappa [email protected]
203 Sub Registrar Mulki Near Mulki police station, Mangalore taluk, Mulki, DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574154 Raghuram P [email protected]
204 Sub Registrar Puttur Near Taluk Office, Puttur,
DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574202 Ganesh Prabhu [email protected]
205 Sub Registrar Sulya Taluk panchayat building, sulya taluk,
DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574239 Mohan Nayak [email protected]
206 Sub Registrar Vittla Near Government Junior College,Bantwala taluk, Vittla, DAKSHINA KANNADA Dist -574243 David Anthony Khrooj [email protected]
207 District Registrar Mysore No 44/A, Deewan's Road, Lakshmipuram, Near Double Water Tank, M.G.Road, Mysore Vijayalakshmi Inamdhar.R [email protected] 0821-2422353
208 Sub Registrar Mysore, MUDA MUDA Office Compound, J.L.B. Road,
Mysore-570005 Kiran [email protected]
209 Sub Registrar MysoreEast #3, 1st Floor, Gunashree Complex, Dr.Rajkumar Road, Thriveni Circle, Nazarbad Mohalla,
Mysore - 570014 M. Girish [email protected]
210 Sub Registrar MysoreNorth No.2/4, Prabhudeva Talkies Road, Agrahara Fort Mohalla, Mysore-570004. KI. Ramprasad [email protected]
211 Sub Registrar MysoreSouth Mini Vidhan Soudha, People's Park Road, Mysore M. V Satish [email protected]
212 Sub Registrar MysoreWest #283/284/285, Ist Floor, Near Vijayanagar Water Tank, High Tension Wire Main Road, Vijayanagar 2nd stage, Mysore - 570017 H. Cheluvaraju [email protected]
213 Sub Registrar Bannur Near Govt hospital, kodagalli road, T.N.pura taluk, Bannur, Mysore Dist -571101 P.R. Ragratna [email protected]
214 Sub Registrar Heggadevanakote Opp Mini Vidhana Soudha,H.B.MainRoad, H.D.Kote, Mysore Dist -571114 K. R Anitha [email protected].in
215 Sub Registrar Hunsur Mini-Vidhana soudha, B.M. Road, Hunsur, Mysore Dist-571439 C. B . Nanjundaswamy [email protected]
216 Sub Registrar KRNagar No.2615/2578,7th Road, K.R. Nagar,
Mysore Dist-571602 Cheluvaraju [email protected]
217 Sub Registrar Mirle Hospital Road, K.R.nagar taluk, Mirle,
Mysore Dist-571603 Rajashekar (I./C) [email protected]
218 Sub Registrar Nanjanagudu Shashidhar Complex, Ooty Road, Near Hullahalli Circle, Nanjanagudu, Mysore Dist -571301 Chikkanna [email protected]
219 Sub Registrar Piriyapattana Mahananda Complex, Near BSNL Office, B.M. Road, Piriyapattana, Mysore Dist -571107 A. C. Jagadish [email protected]
220 Sub Registrar TNarasipura No.361/8,TriveniNagar,Opp taluk office building, T.Narasipura, Mysore Dist -571124 O.C Ganesh [email protected]
221 District Registrar Raichur
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, RAICHUR, Dr. Amarkhed Complex Station Road Raichur-584 101 Jinghad.M.N(I/C) [email protected] 08532-227043
222 Sub Registrar Raichur Senior Sub Registrar Office, Dr. Amerkhed complex, 1st floor, Station road, Raichur Ramchandra [email protected]
223 Sub Registrar Devadurga Mini Vidhanasoudha Premises, Devadurga, Raichur Dist-584111 M. Nagendra [email protected]
224 Sub Registrar Lingasugur Near tahasildhar office, Lingasugur,
Raichur Dist-584122 H.M. Suresh(SDA, I/C) [email protected]
225 Sub Registrar Manvi Chikalparvi Road,Near Inspection Bungalow, Manvi Shakeel Ahmed [email protected]
226 Sub Registrar Sindhanur A.P.M.C yard, Sindhanur, Raichur Dist -584128 Husen Saab(FDA, I/C) [email protected]
227 District Registrar Rajajinagar No.3, Leela Arcade, 3rd Floor, Nagarbhavi 2nd stage, Behind BDA complex, Bangalore - 560072 Satish Kumar [email protected] 080-23210592
228 Sub Registrar Rajajinagar
Municipal No B18, 4th Main, Rajaji nagar, Next to IT park Thippeswamy [email protected]
229 Sub Registrar Dasanapura No.33/4, B.H Road, Devannana Palya, Dasanapura, Bangalore North Taluk,
Bangalore-562123 Byrappa/Pramila(FDA, I/C) [email protected]
230 Sub Registrar Laggere 455, Ward No:65, Laggere Main Road, Near Laggere Cross, Bangalore - 560058 Harini [email protected]
231 Sub Registrar Madanayakanahalli No.1, 1st floor, Laxmipura Road, B.H Road, Opp. Mahaveer Nursing Home, Madanayakanahalli, Dasanapura Hobli, Banglore-562123 Devaraj [email protected]
232 Sub Registrar Nagarabavi No.40, 1st floor, 2nd Stage, 1st Block, Nagarabhavi, Near BDA Complex,
Bangalore-560072 Dinesh [email protected]
233 Sub Registrar Peenya No. 488, 2nd Floor, KIADB Building, 'P' Block, IV Phase, Peenya II Stage, Bangalore-560058. G. D. Seshadri [email protected]
234 Sub Registrar Srirampura
No. 46, 1st Floor, Magadi Main Road, Next to Anjan Theatre, Kempapura Agrahara,
Bangalore-560023. Anitha Badiger [email protected]
235 Sub Registrar Vijayanagar No.1019/A,Sri venkateswara complex, 1st Floor,2nd Main Road, Service Road, Near BSVP School, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560040 Hombalaiah [email protected]
236 Sub Registrar Yeshwanthpur No.51/C, 3rd Main Road, Lorry Stand Godown, Opp Janatha Bazaar Godown, A.P.M.C Yard, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore-560022. Gopalkrishna [email protected]
237 District Registrar Ramanagar District Registrar & Registrar of Firms & societies, District Registrar Office,Ramanagara
Smt. Vijyalaxmi Inamdar., HQA to DR
Ramanagar District, Kandaya Bhavan, 2nd Floor, B.M. Road, Ramanagar District Pin: 562159 Mohammed Yosuf [email protected] 080-27271043
238 Sub Registrar Ramanagar Behind Mini Vidhanasoudha, Old B.M Road,Ramanagara Town-562159 Venkatesh [email protected]
239 Sub Registrar Channapatna 1st cross, Kuvempu Nagara, B.M.Road.Channapatana Town,
Ramanagar Dist -562160 Prabhakar Naik [email protected]
240 Sub Registrar Kanakapura Mini-Vidhana soudha building, KANAKAPURA Ramanagar Dist-562117. Santhosh [email protected]
241 Sub Registrar Magadi Sarkari kattadagala sankeerna,
1st floor( Room No.106 to 109),
Opposite Anjaneya swamy temple,
T.B Road, Magadi Town. Suma [email protected]
242 District Registrar Shimoga
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, SHIMOGA, Old D.C.office Building, 2nd floor,'B'Block-7, Balaraja Urs Road,
Shimoga-577 201 Thippeswamy [email protected] 08182-274175
243 Sub Registrar Shimoga SUDA Complex, Vinobanagara, Shimoga-577201 Ambika Patil / Teekaram Singh [email protected]
244 Sub Registrar Bhadravati Taluk Office compound, Bhadravati,
Shimoga Dist-577301 Devendrappa [email protected]
245 Sub Registrar Hosanagar H.Srinivas Komat Building, Shivappa Nayak Road, Ward No 6, Hosanagara Town Eshwarappa [email protected]
246 Sub Registrar Sagara Mini-Vidhana soudha Premises, Sagara,
Shimoga Dist-577401 Sadashiva(I/C) [email protected]
247 Sub Registrar Shikaripura Adalitha soudha Premises, Shikaripura,
Shimoga Dist-577427 N.C. Paloti [email protected]
248 Sub Registrar Soraba Mini-Vidhana soudha Premises , Soraba, Shimoga Dist,-577429 Rudrappa(I/C) [email protected]
249 Sub Registrar Thirthahalli Mini-Vidhana soudha Premises ,Thirthalli, Shimoga Dist-571432 Nagaraj Naik(I/C) [email protected]
250 District Registrar Shivajinagar,Triumph Towers, No.48. 3rd Floor,Church Street Bangalore Yashodhara J.V [email protected] 080-22211000
251 Sub Registrar Shivajinagar,Triumph Towers, No.48. 3rd Floor,Church Street,Bangalore Shankarmurthy [email protected]
252 Sub Registrar Banaswadi No.740/1, BMP Khata No.25, 1st Floor, 9th B Main Road, HRBR Layout, 1st Block, Kalyanagar, Banasawadi, Bangalore-560043 Ravikumar [email protected]
253 Sub Registrar Bidarahalli No. 3/1 Virgo Nagar, Old Madras Road, Avalahalli, Bidrahalli Hobli, National Highway-4 Bangalore-560 036. M. Srivivas [email protected]
254 Sub Registrar Indiranagar Domlur BDA Complex, Bangalore-560038 Kamala. B. G. [email protected]
255 Sub Registrar KRPuram ,Old Madras Road Near Santhemaidana, K.R.Puram, Bangalore-560036 Ravi [email protected]
256 Sub Registrar Mahadevapura No.52 Kamadenu Nagara,1st stage, 2nd Main Road B.Narayanapura, Behind HP Company, Bangalore 560 016. Panduranga Attavar [email protected]
257 Sub Registrar Ulsoor,B.B.M.P Building, Tank Bund Road, Ulsoor Lake, Ulsoor, Bangalore-560008. Madhu Kumar [email protected]
258 Sub Registrar Varthur,B.M Complex, 1st Floor Opp. Dharamaraya swamy Temple, Mutsandra Road, Varthur, Bangalore-560087. Appaji Gowda [email protected]
259 District Registrar Tumkur ,District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, TUMKUR 1st Floor, Mini Vidhana Soudha, Tumkur-572 101 Shivaramaiah.T [email protected] 0816-2275015
260 Sub Registrar Tumkur,Church Circle, Opp S.B.M Bank, Tumkur Town-572101 ThimmaReddy [email protected]
261 Sub Registrar Chikkanayakanahalli Siddharamiah Complex Shetty Kere Road Police Quarters, Chikkanayakanahalli, Tumkur Dist. H. R. Usha [email protected]
262 Sub Registrar Gubbi Mini-Vidhana soudha, Railway station Road, Gubbi, Tumkur Dist -572216 Basavaradhya [email protected]
263 Sub Registrar Huliyurdurga VamtadaGudde Extention,Samudhaya Bhavana, Huliyurdurga, Kunigal Taluk,
Tumkur Dist -572123 Shivaputra Tanga [email protected]
264 Sub Registrar Koratagere Taluk Office compound,Madhugiri Road, Koratagere, Tumkur Dist -572129 Parashina Murthy [email protected]
265 Sub Registrar Kunigal Sub - Registrar Office Kunigal, Venkateshwara Complex, Near BGS College, BM Road, Kuvempu Nagara, (KRS Agrahara), Kunigal Sujatha [email protected]
266 Sub Registrar Madhugiri Mini-Vidhana soudha, Mudhugiri,
Tumkur Dist -572132 Manjula [email protected]
267 Sub Registrar Pavagada Assessment No: 2449/148/1B/4 and 2449/148/1B/5, Pavagada Town, Pavagada H. S. Gandhi [email protected]
268 Sub Registrar Sira Mini-Vidhana soudha, NH-4, Sira,
Tumkur Dist -572137 Nagaraja [email protected]
269 Sub Registrar Tiptur N.G.O.C.S. Building, 2nd Floor, B.H. Road, Tiptur, Tumkur Dist-572201. Aravind [email protected]
270 Sub Registrar Turuvekere Mini vidhana soudha, Turuvekere,
Tumkur Dist -572227. S. P. Rangaraju [email protected]
271 District Registrar Udupi
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, UDUPI,1st Floor, District Administration Building,Rajatadri "A"Block,Manipal, Udupi-576 104 Ravindra L Poojar (I/C) [email protected] 0820-2574910
272 Sub Registrar Udupi Taluk Office Compound, Udupi-576 101 Smt. Janaki N. [email protected]
273 Sub Registrar Brahmavara Near Police Station, Brahmavara,
Udupi Dist.-576 213 Smt. Keerthi Kumari [email protected]
274 Sub Registrar Byndoor Ratha Beedhi,Near Byndoor Police Station, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi Dist,-576 214 Sri. Lokesh M.M. [email protected]
275 Sub Registrar Karkala Mini Vidhana Soudha, Karkala,
Udupi Dist,-574 104 Smt. Gowri [email protected]
276 Sub Registrar Kundapura Near Court Complex,Kundapura,
Udupi Dist -576201 Smt. Kavitha A.C. [email protected]
277 Sub Registrar Shankaranarayana Near Police station, Kundapura Taluk,
Udupi Dist -576 227 Sri. Mahabala Shetty [email protected]
278 District Registrar Yadagiri
District Registrar and Registrar of Firms & Societies, YADAGIRI DISTRICT 1st floor,Mohan Babu Complex, Opp Court Complex, Station Road, Yadagiri-585202 Jinghad.M.N [email protected] 08473-253714
279 Sub Registrar Yadagiri Ground floor,Mohan Babu Complex, Opp Court Complex, Station Road, Yadagiri-585202 Dhanuraj .B [email protected]
280 Sub Registrar Hunsagi K.B.J.N.L office Premises, Hunasagi, Surapura Taluk, Yadgiri Dist.-585215 Yeshwanth Shinde. D [email protected]
281 Sub Registrar Shahapur Old Tashildhar office premises, Shahapur, Yadgiri Dist-585223. Venkanna(I/C) [email protected]
282 Sub Registrar Shorapura Tashildhar office premises, Shorapura,
Yadgiri Dist-585224 K.C. Chavan(I/C) [email protected]

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6 years 1 month ago #657 by batcha
documents required for marriage registration in Bangalore and karnataka :
Documents needed for application of Certificate of Marriage in Karnataka

The following documents are needed in original and photocopy form to be submitted along with the application form for the marriage certificate.

Six (6) copies of joint photographs of bridegroom and bride in a blue or white background in 2B size.
Two photographs of the bride and groom in marriage dress taken while the marriage ceremony was in progress and which shows that they are taking part in the ceremony.
One copy of wedding card.
Identity proof of both the bride and the groom (Pan card or Voter ID card or Passport, etc)
Address proof of the husband (Passport, Driving License, House Rent Agreement, Telephone Bill, Ration Card)
Age proof of both bride and groom (10th Std. Mark sheet with birth date on it or Passport)
Affidavit in case of the name change of bride after the marriage.
Newspaper in which the name-change information was published.

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