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What is the procedure for doing register marriage through www.registermarriage.in and how long it will take to complete process?

Step 1:- (start process from home)

If you wish to do register your marriage in Chennai, Log on to www.registermarriage.in and click online application, fill all the columns and click Submit to submit online application. Thereafter call 90255 37111 to conform your appointment for registration on your convenient date. (Registration office working hours-Monday to Friday 10 AM to 3.30 PM)

Step 2:- ( complete registration in single visit)

Visit registration office on appointment date and complete registration within a hour. (For complete registration process, First bride and groom has to come to our centralized processing center between 9.30 AM to 3.00 PM on appointment date for complete all the paper works than we will go to nearest marriage registrar office to complete marriage registration.)

Step 3:- ( Get marriage certificate within 24 hours*)

Get marriage certificate within a week. Also we can arrange marriage certificate within 24 Hours* if there is any emergency.

What are the documents required for marriage registration?

1.Age Proof (Any one of following document)

Birth Certificate (or) Any education certificate (or) Passport (or) Pan card

2.Address Proof. (Any one of following document)

Passport (or) Driving License (or) Aadhar card (or) Voter Id (or) Family card (or) Bank Passbook

3. Passport-size Photo-each-6 Nos.

4. Invitation-2 Nos. (For direct register marriage invitation is not required)

5.Two witnesses with ID proof (Totally for both)

6. Divorce order (if Divorcee)

What are the additional documents required for marriage registration if anyone or both is foreign National?

Single status certificate and no objection certificate from their Country.

What is Minimum age requirement to get married legally in India?

The groom must completed 21 age and girl must completed 18 age.

Any notice will be sent the parents? How far registration will be confidential ?

Normally friends will say that notice will be sent the parents from marriage registrar office. But the entire registration process will be completed on same day and you will get marriage certificate also within 24 hours. So there is no necessity to send any notice or communication to the parents and also there is no such rule in registration Act. So your registration will be 100 % confidential.

How long it will take to register marriage (Time duration)

For new marriage :-

Any religion directly get married legally and can register their marriage on same day.

For old marriage :-

Any religion can register their marriage in one day process if their date if marriage is within 150 days. After 150 days, Hindu’s can register their marriage in one day process any time after the date marriage. If anyone belongs to Christian or Muslim religion , they have to register their marriage only under special marriage Act 1954 and it will take minimum 30 days to complete registration process.

Whether the Local Address Proof is compulsory for doing register marriage in Chennai ?

Local address proof is not necessary to get married in Chennai and any one can register their marriage in Chennai with available native address proof.

Whether the parents consent is compulsory for register marriage and who can be a witness?

Parents consent not compulsory and parents can be a witness or anybody friends or relatives can be a witness. The only condition is they must completed 18 years of age and they must have Identity proof.(photo not required for witness)

Difference between special marriage, Hindu Marriage & Tamilnadu Marriage ?

There is no difference between special marriage, Hindu Marriage & Tamilnadu Marriage registration. Procedure for registration only will change. All are equally valid one and you must register your marriage under any one of applicable Act and you must obtain marriage certificate from Government .

In case of new marriage, any religion or Inter religion can register their marriage under Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009 and could complete registration process on same day.

In case of old marriage (beyond 150 days from date of marriage)only Hindu religions can register their marriage any time after the marriage under Hindu marriage Act and could complete registration process on same day.

In case of old marriage,(beyond 150 days from date of marriage)Muslim and Christian or Inter religious marriages shall be register only under special marriages Act 1954 .They have to visit registration office twice and the process will take minimum 30 days.

What is the procedure for register second marriage?

All the registration procedures will be same like a first marriage. But In case of divorcee they have to produce divorce order and incase of widower they have to produce death certificate.

Which authority will issue the marriage certificate and it is valid in other state also?

The marriage certificate will be issued by Registration department, Tamilnadu Government.

It is valid not only in India it is valid all over the world. It is valid for apply visa ,passport etc .