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Monday, 23 December 2019 16:29

Tnreginet Online marriage registration

Tnreginet Online marriage registration Many Challenges are waiting for Tamilnadu Couples those who wish to get marriage certificate in Chennai & Tamilandu : Now the Government of Tamilnadu has started online register marriage and appointment and register marriage facility in Tamilnadu. Now the register marriage made 100 % online in Tamilnadu. If made online, you you can register your marriage online and you can download your marriage certificate through online in future Find the simple steps how The Government of Tamilnadu official website-tnreginet online registration portal is works :- 1. Creating user Name In tnreginet.net : First You have to create user id in www.reginet .net to start online register marriage process . 50 % of work will be completed if you successfully create user name and password. There after you will receive login link to your registered email id. 2. Filling online Application In tnreginet.net : After creating user name you have to fill the online register marriage form. It will ask all information like name, father name, place of marriage and witness details. So you have to fix the witness who will come for registration, you have to mention the witness details like name father name and address also in online application. You cannot change the witness at the time of marriage. Some registrars will allow to change the witness and make some corrections also at the time of register marriage. Some registrars will be very particular and they will not allow you to make any changes after registration. 3. Finding marriage registration office In tnreginet.net Finally it system will suggest some sub registrar office name. you have to select your proper sub registrar office exactly. For this you must aware of the sub registrar office jurisdiction limits and their village name and taluk name. Then only you can find out particular register office. This is the biggest challenge for common people. But it is manageable one. 4. Getting Appointment in tnreginet.net After selecting the sub registrar office, it will ask your convenient date for registration. If you select current date it will not give you any appointment. So you can get appointment on future dates only. ( If you have any emergency you cannot get appointment even though the sub registrars are free. The appointment slot will be like this. 1. 10 am to 11 am 2. 11 am to 12 pm 3. 12 pm to 1 pm 4. 1 pm to 1.30 pm 4. 2 pm to 3 pm 5. 3 pm to 3.30 pm You can choose any one slot convenient for you. Appointment slot will be closed 15 minutes before slot time. For example , if you want appointment for 11 to 12 am , you have to get appointment before 10.45 am. After 10.46 the 10 to 11 slot will be closed automatically. 5. Online form download In tnreginet.net : Very important think that after submitting online form, your online process may not be completed, after submitting form you have to printout the same in paper and you have to visit sub registrar office with hot copy of online form and original , documents and witnesses . If any mistakes or any omission in online form the head clerk attached to sub registrar office will advise you to make necessary changes in tnreginet online form and will ask you to come on another day with fresh appointment. If you wish to register your marriage in Tamilnadu, you must be very preferred and you have to start the appointment process to complete the online marriage registration on your convenient date. Couples cannot do registration immediately just like that. So ultimately no online registration is possible for register marriage Chennai without physical presence of the couples . After completing online register marriage, some other day you have to visit sub registrar office to get original marriage certificate . There after you can apply certified copy of marriage certificate through tnreginet.net . Apply copy : After marriage registration you can apply additional copy of marriage certificate in tnregisner.net portal.You will receive digitally signed marriage certificate to your mail. So you can take any number of printout and can use that copy like original marriage certificate.

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