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To begin with, Arya Samaj requires Marriage Application Form and an Affidavit jointly from both the parties. These could be downloaded online or collected in person from Arya Samaj office. This is the only document accepted as valid.

Three phtographs of the bride and groom are required at the time of registration. The other documents needed are address proofs for temporary and permanent residences, and age proof certificates. It is also mandatory to produce details of the two witnesses brought from either sides.

Arya Samaj holds social and legal responsibilities to check the validity of the agreement. After registration, the ceremony could be performed within a week’s time, based on the availability of the priest.

The marriage could be performed at a venue of your choice within Chennai. The cost of conveyance will be handled by the concerned party. Marriage could also be performed in Arya Samaj premises.

The wedding ceremony extends to a maximum time of an hour and a half. The priest should be presented with a dakshina immediately after the ceremony.

Once the ceremony is over, Arya Samaj will issue a Marriage Certificate which may be produced to the Registrar of Marriage for getting legal certificates from them.

Arya Samaj holds no liability for any disputes prior to or following the marriage ceremony. It only intends to provide a facility to perform the marriage in the Holy Vedic way.  Aryasamaj marriages are solemnized by chanting the Vedic mantras. The priest explains the meaning of mantras while chanting for the couple to understand its significance too. 











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