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The marriage of unmarried couples of different religion will be covered under the Special Marriage Act. The process requires filling up of two forms - one general form with the details and addresses of both the bride and the groom, and the other form specifically for the Special marriage act that requires entering the same details and religion along with the signatures, declarations, photocopies of address proofs and photo identification cards.


The bride and the groom should give the application of intending of marriage 30 days in advance.  They must have lived more than 30 days within the jurisdiction of the Marriage officer before giving such notice. During this period, the documents are validated for their details.The Officer checks for any objections to the marriage on legal reasons like earlier marriage with another person or some religious norms, etc. However, objections raised by family members without legal proofs would not be entertained.


Once the notice period is over, they could get married at any time within a span of 90 days, with the original receipt, three witnesses and three separate photographs. The photgraphs are to be affixed and the marriage certificate signed. Three printouts of the certificates are made:one for the Registrar office, one for the bride and the other for the groom. The witnesses also need to sign against their names in the certificate against their names.

After this, the Marriage officer will administer an oath and solemnize the marriage by the issuance of the Marriage certificate.



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