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Marriage registration in Chennai

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The Supreme Court has made it mandatory for the married to register their marriage, irrespective of the religion they belong to. This document would be helpful in obtaining passport or visa, and in claiming bank deposits, life insurance, property or other investments, in case of a sudden demise of a depositee, life insured person or investor.

Marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act could be registered in the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the jurisdiction under which the marriage has taken place. It could also be done in the office of the Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction the bride or bridegroom resides.

Marriages under the Special Marriage Act could be registered in the office of the Marriage Officer under whose jurisdiction bride or bridegroom resides. This requires additional procedures, which are mentioned in the “Special Marriage Act”.

The groom must have completed 21 years of age and bride 18 years of age.

The details of the bride and groom are to be filled in the application form.The three witnesses present at the time of marriage require signing in the form along with their name and address. The joint photograph of bride and groom should be attached and signed across it. Submit the form to the Marriage Officer for the issuance of  the marriage certificate.

The marriage registration would not be done if either of the individuals are mentally challenged. There should not be existing valid marriage of either of the individuals with any other person. The individuals should not be descendants up to five generations from paternal or maternal side.



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