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Sunday, 12 February 2017 15:48

civil marriage procedure in India

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A marriage between parties one of whom at least is a citizen of India may be solemnized under Special Marriage Act, in India before a Marriage Registrar in Tamilnadu, India or a Marriage Officer in a foreign country.

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Court marriages are formalized under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. This can be performed between two Indian individuals irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. It can also be formalized between an Indian individual and a foreigner. The procedure of the Court marriages do not comprise of rituals and ceremonies. The parties can directly apply for the registration of marriage and the issuance of marriage certificate to the Marriage Registrar.


Court marriage between two Indians

There should not be any existing valid marriage of either of the individuals to another person. The age requirement is twenty-one years for the groom and eighteen years for the bride. Both the individuals must be mentally sound so as to be able to give a valid consent for the marriage. They should also not fall within the standards of prohibited relationship.

The parties have to produce a notice of intended marriage to the Marriage Registrar. One of the parties must have compulsorily resided in Chennai for not less than thirty days immediately after the notice is given. The Marriage Registrar would put up the notice at the office during this period. The marriage may be formalized at the Registrar office in the presence of the three witnesses of the parties, if not objected by anyone during the notice period.



The following documents are to be produced for the Court Marriage:

·      Marriage Application form duly signed by both the individuals

·      Passport size photographs of the individuals

·      Address proofs

·      Age proofs

·      Address proof and ID card of the three witnesses

·      Death certificate/divorce decree (if applicable)


 Court marriage between an Indian and a foreigner


The marriage between an Indian and a foreign national may be solemnized under the Special Marriage Act in the presence of a Marriage Registrar.

At least one of the individuals must be a citizen of India. The groom should have completed 21 years of age and the bride 18 years. There should not be any existing valid marriage of either of the individuals with any other person. They should possess a sound and stable mental nature so as to give a valid consent for the marriage. They should not fall within the standards of prohibited relationship.


The following documents are to be produced:

·      Marriage Application form duly signed by both the individuals

·      Age proofs

·      Copies of passports with valid visas

·      Address proofs

·      Proof of stay or report from the responsible SHO

·      N.O.C. or Married Status Certificate

·      Death certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)


The individuals should give the application of intended marriage thirty days in advance. During the notice period, the Marriage Registrar would check for any sort of objections. If there is no objection, the marriage may be formalized in the presence of three witnesses. The Marriage Registrar, then, issues the Marriage Certificate.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017 15:13


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A good number of people, nowadays, prefer to get married by a simple procedure without a grand ceremony. But the legal procedures for the marriage to take place and to obtain a Marriage certificate is quite time- consuming. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to hold a marriage certificate as it is an essential document which proves the husband and wife relationship before an authority or court of Law. The marriage certificate has also been made compulsory for women to get a visa,passport etc.

Inorder to get your Marriage Certificate without much of a hassle, you could get it done online and the register marriage process could be completed within a hour. The marriage certificate can also be obtained within 24 hours.

The documents required for marriage registration are:

·      Age Proof (Any one)

o   Birth Certificate

o   School, College mark sheet

o   Transfer Certificate

o   Passport


·       Address Proof (Any one)

o   Passport

o   Family card

o   Voter Id

o   Bank Passbook

o   Driving Licence

o   Aadhar Card

·      Six Passport-size photographs

·      Three witnesses with ID Proof

The legalization of foreign marriages could also be done online. The Marriage certificate could also be arranged quickly for an emergency application of visa, passport, etc.



Sunday, 12 February 2017 15:10


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The marriage of unmarried couples of different religion will be covered under the Special Marriage Act. The process requires filling up of two forms - one general form with the details and addresses of both the bride and the groom, and the other form specifically for the Special marriage act that requires entering the same details and religion along with the signatures, declarations, photocopies of address proofs and photo identification cards.


The bride and the groom should give the application of intending of marriage 30 days in advance.  They must have lived more than 30 days within the jurisdiction of the Marriage officer before giving such notice. During this period, the documents are validated for their details.The Officer checks for any objections to the marriage on legal reasons like earlier marriage with another person or some religious norms, etc. However, objections raised by family members without legal proofs would not be entertained.


Once the notice period is over, they could get married at any time within a span of 90 days, with the original receipt, three witnesses and three separate photographs. The photgraphs are to be affixed and the marriage certificate signed. Three printouts of the certificates are made:one for the Registrar office, one for the bride and the other for the groom. The witnesses also need to sign against their names in the certificate against their names.

After this, the Marriage officer will administer an oath and solemnize the marriage by the issuance of the Marriage certificate.



Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:59


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The procedure to get married to a foreigner in India comes under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

Get the Indian visa for the foreigner for a minimum of 2 months. Once he or she arrives in India, go to the Registrar office within two days and make an application. You could do it all by yourself or you could hire an advocate.

These are the documents needed from the foreigner:

·       Birth certificate

·       Address proof ( e.g. driving license)

·       Affidavit of consent from Notary public authenticate

·       Education certificate

·       Passport

·       Passport size photographs

These are the documents needed from Indian boy/ girl:

·       Passport

·       Birth certificate

·       Ration card

·       Driving license (optional)

·       Education certificate

·       Passport size photographs

Once the application is made with three witnesses, the application will be put up on the notice board of the Registrar office. They will wait for thirty days for any kind of objection from anyone. If no one objects the marriage in those thirty days, the Registrar office will send a letter to the given residential address.

After thirty to ninety days, the marriage could be done at the Registrar office on any working day with the three witnesses. The marriage certificate would be received within a week.



Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:55


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To begin with, Arya Samaj requires Marriage Application Form and an Affidavit jointly from both the parties. These could be downloaded online or collected in person from Arya Samaj office. This is the only document accepted as valid.

Three phtographs of the bride and groom are required at the time of registration. The other documents needed are address proofs for temporary and permanent residences, and age proof certificates. It is also mandatory to produce details of the two witnesses brought from either sides.

Arya Samaj holds social and legal responsibilities to check the validity of the agreement. After registration, the ceremony could be performed within a week’s time, based on the availability of the priest.

The marriage could be performed at a venue of your choice within Chennai. The cost of conveyance will be handled by the concerned party. Marriage could also be performed in Arya Samaj premises.

The wedding ceremony extends to a maximum time of an hour and a half. The priest should be presented with a dakshina immediately after the ceremony.

Once the ceremony is over, Arya Samaj will issue a Marriage Certificate which may be produced to the Registrar of Marriage for getting legal certificates from them.

Arya Samaj holds no liability for any disputes prior to or following the marriage ceremony. It only intends to provide a facility to perform the marriage in the Holy Vedic way.  Aryasamaj marriages are solemnized by chanting the Vedic mantras. The priest explains the meaning of mantras while chanting for the couple to understand its significance too. 











Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:43


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A certificate of marriage is an essential document as it establishes the marital status of a couple. It is necessary particularly for women for various purposes like applying for a passport, for visa, or for claiming for bank deposits or insurance benefits in case of sudden demise of her spouse.

Marriage registration in India is done as per the Hindu marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

The age of 21 years must be completed by the groom and18 years by the bride.

Collect an application form from the nearest sub Registrar office in Chennai. Fill in the details of the bride and groom in the form. You need to get this form signed by three witnesses- relatives or friends.

The original and a photocopy each of these proofs are to be submitted with the form:

·      passport size six photographs of the couple with a blue or white background

·       One wedding photograph

·       Wedding Card

·       Identity proof for both individuals (Pan Card or Voter ID, etc)

·       Address proof of the husband(Passport, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, etc)

·       Age Proof

·       Affidavit in case of name change of the wife after marriage

·       Copy of the newspaper where the information of name change was published 


Meet the clerk at the sub registrar office for the verification of the information. The data entry operator will fill in your information to the computer and provide you six printouts. Affix the photographs to the printouts and attest the photocopies. Attach the wedding photograph, wedding card and other documents. Both husband and wife need to sign on the six printouts. The sub registrar’s office will keep with them four copies and hand over one copy each to you and your spouse.

 This copy is to be held to claim in case of a dispute that will need legal action. In case you have lost or misplaced the certificate, please get back to the sub registrar’s office to do the needful. Certain fees would be collected by the sub registrar to complete the certification. 

In case of Inter caste Marriage, NRI Marriage, or Marriage between citizens of different nationals, the process of fetching the marriage certificate would take 30 days to be completed. Additional documents and proofs would be required depending on the country and religion one comes from.



Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:35

Marriage registration in Chennai

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The Supreme Court has made it mandatory for the married to register their marriage, irrespective of the religion they belong to. This document would be helpful in obtaining passport or visa, and in claiming bank deposits, life insurance, property or other investments, in case of a sudden demise of a depositee, life insured person or investor.

Marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act could be registered in the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the jurisdiction under which the marriage has taken place. It could also be done in the office of the Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction the bride or bridegroom resides.

Marriages under the Special Marriage Act could be registered in the office of the Marriage Officer under whose jurisdiction bride or bridegroom resides. This requires additional procedures, which are mentioned in the “Special Marriage Act”.

The groom must have completed 21 years of age and bride 18 years of age.

The details of the bride and groom are to be filled in the application form.The three witnesses present at the time of marriage require signing in the form along with their name and address. The joint photograph of bride and groom should be attached and signed across it. Submit the form to the Marriage Officer for the issuance of  the marriage certificate.

The marriage registration would not be done if either of the individuals are mentally challenged. There should not be existing valid marriage of either of the individuals with any other person. The individuals should not be descendants up to five generations from paternal or maternal side.



Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:29

Register Marriage in Chennai

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Approach the Registrar Office in Chennai for the registration of your marriage, irrespective of whether you are already married or not.

There should not be existing valid marriage of either of the individuals with any other person. They should not fall within the standards of prohibited relationships.

The minimum age requirement is18 years for the bride, and 21 years for the groom and witnesses.

The individuals suffering from unstable minds, so as to be unable to give a reliable consent for marriage and procreation of children, could not apply for a register marriage.

Any one of the individuals ought to be from Chennai. A valid address proof is required which could be any document identified by the government of India- voter’s ID, ration card, driving license or a passport of the individual residing in the city. If you do not hold any of these documents, you could produce any government- sent document such as your transport card or rental agreement at the Tehsildar office at Majestic, Landmark Kid’s shop and get the address proof document done. 


Five passport size photographs are to be attached while submitting your application. You could use your passport, driving license or any other document issued by the government of India for the identification of your photograph.


The marriage of unmarried couples belonging to different religion is covered under Special Marriage Act and requires additional processes.


The Sub- Registrar Officer would verify your identification documents and place his signature. Once your data is furnished in the online databank, five printouts will be made. Affix your photographs and sign on them. You could then hand over the documents to the officer and your application is submitted.


The application is valid for ninety days during which both the individuals could go to the Registrar Office at any time and get their marriage registered. They require taking along with them the original receipt, three witnesses and three separate photographs. The photographs are to be attached and the marriage certificates signed. Three copies of the marriage certificates are made: one for the Registrar Office, one to be given to the bride and the other to the groom. The witnesses require signing the certificate against their names. After the signing procedure, the bride and groom reads the marriage oath in front of the officer. Thereafter they are declared as man and wife.



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