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Tnreginet Online marriage registration

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Tnreginet Online marriage registration Many Challenges are waiting for Tamilnadu Couples those who wish to get marriage certificate in Chennai & Tamilandu : Now the Government of Tamilnadu has started online register marriage and appointment and register marriage facility in Tamilnadu. Now the register marriage made 100 % online in Tamilnadu. If made online, you you can register your marriage online and you can download your marriage certificate through online in future Find the simple steps how The Government of Tamilnadu official website-tnreginet online registration portal is works :- 1. Creating user Name In : First You have to create user id in www.reginet .net to start online register marriage process . 50 % of work will be completed if you successfully create user name and password. There after you will receive login link to your registered email id. 2. Filling online Application In : After creating user name you have to fill the online register marriage form. It will ask all information like name, father name, place of marriage and witness details. So you have to fix the witness who will come for registration, you have to mention the witness details like name father name and address also in online application. You cannot change the witness at the time of marriage. Some registrars will allow to change the witness and make some corrections also at the time of register marriage. Some registrars will be very particular and they will not allow you to make any changes after registration. 3. Finding marriage registration office In Finally it system will suggest some sub registrar office name. you have to select your proper sub registrar office exactly. For this you must aware of the sub registrar office jurisdiction limits and their village name and taluk name. Then only you can find out particular register office. This is the biggest challenge for common people. But it is manageable one. 4. Getting Appointment in After selecting the sub registrar office, it will ask your convenient date for registration. If you select current date it will not give you any appointment. So you can get appointment on future dates only. ( If you have any emergency you cannot get appointment even though the sub registrars are free. The appointment slot will be like this. 1. 10 am to 11 am 2. 11 am to 12 pm 3. 12 pm to 1 pm 4. 1 pm to 1.30 pm 4. 2 pm to 3 pm 5. 3 pm to 3.30 pm You can choose any one slot convenient for you. Appointment slot will be closed 15 minutes before slot time. For example , if you want appointment for 11 to 12 am , you have to get appointment before 10.45 am. After 10.46 the 10 to 11 slot will be closed automatically. 5. Online form download In : Very important think that after submitting online form, your online process may not be completed, after submitting form you have to printout the same in paper and you have to visit sub registrar office with hot copy of online form and original , documents and witnesses . If any mistakes or any omission in online form the head clerk attached to sub registrar office will advise you to make necessary changes in tnreginet online form and will ask you to come on another day with fresh appointment. If you wish to register your marriage in Tamilnadu, you must be very preferred and you have to start the appointment process to complete the online marriage registration on your convenient date. Couples cannot do registration immediately just like that. So ultimately no online registration is possible for register marriage Chennai without physical presence of the couples . After completing online register marriage, some other day you have to visit sub registrar office to get original marriage certificate . There after you can apply certified copy of marriage certificate through . Apply copy : After marriage registration you can apply additional copy of marriage certificate in portal.You will receive digitally signed marriage certificate to your mail. So you can take any number of printout and can use that copy like original marriage certificate.
Online Marriage registration in Tamilnadu : Simple steps how to do marriage registration in Tamilnadu First thing to be confirmed to start marriage registration process : 1. Required Age limit for marriage registration in Tamilnadu : Currently many couples try to do marriage registration before attaining minimum legal Age limit in India. First you must check and confirm whether you are eligible to get married legally in India or not. Many couples having confusion about the minimum legal Age limit to get married in India. Age limit for Husband : Husband must completed 21 years of age and he should run 22 years of age if 21 is running he is not eligible get married legally in India. If they perform the marriage before completing 21 years that marriage will become invalid and it is become voidable. Age limit for Wife : Female must completed 18 years of age and he should run in 19 years of age 18 is running at the time of marriage she is not eligible get married legally in India. Even it is arranged marriage, their parents are liable to be prosecuted. If they conduct marriage before completing 18 years that marriage will become invalid and it is become illegal. There are many chances to face criminal proceedings if anybody lodge any police complaint. Documents required as Age proof in Tamilnadu: Any one of following documents required for marriage registration in Tamilnadu : 1. Birth certificate (or) 2. Education certificate (or) 3. Passport If you don’t have above said document you must have at least PAN card for age proof. Documents required Address proof in Tamilnadu: 1. Passport (or) 2. Aadhar card (or) 3. Driver License (or) 4. Voter ID (or) 5. Ration Card (or) 6. Bank passbook (or) 7. Employee Id (or) 8. Gun license (or) 9. Freedom fighters ID card 10. Pension card These are list of documents mentioned in reginet as acceptable valid proof for address. We have to note one thing that the many documents mentioned as age proof is normally not in regular usage. At the Same time they will refuse to accept documents normally in usage. like Gas book , EB card , property documents and rental agreement etc Documents required for proof of Marriage in Tamilnadu : Marriage Invitation Temple/ hall receipt Nikah certificate – If couples are Muslims Church certificate - If couples are Christians Any proof of solemnization of marriage How to find out Marriage registration office ( Sub registrar office ) in Tamilnadu : Locating Marriage registration office ( Sub registrar office ) is the big task in marriage registration process. First you have to confirm under which marriage act you are going to register your marriage. Because it will vary act to act .Now the marriage registration made online and when you fill online application you it will suggest some sub registrar office and you can select which one is nearest and convenient for you. When you fill online application, you have to select district, village, taluk, street correctly. In this online application finding village and taluk is big task for the general public. Normally nobody will know their taluk . Marriage registrar office for Hindu Marriage Act Registration through tnreginet : If both are Hindu and if you wish to register your marriage under Hindu marriage Act , You can register your marriage within the marriage registrar jurisdiction in Tamilnadu 1. Residence of Husband 2. Residence of wife 3. Place of marriage You can register Hindu marriage within the jurisdiction of any one of above said marriage registrar office But normally if you go to marriage registrar office within 150 days from date of marriage, all the marriage registrar will refuse to register under Hindu marriage Act stating that Hindu marriage registration will be done only after 150 days from date of marriage and after registering marriage under tamilnadu marriage act 2009. But the fact that legally there is no bar to register the Hindu marriage Act within 150 days from date of marriage. It is exclusive choice of the couples to choose the marriage Act and marriage registrar office jurisdiction. How to fill tnreginet online marriage registration form in Tamilnadu: Filling online application is little difficult for public. You must have strong internet connection and little knowledge about registration rules. Documentation for marriage registration in Tamilnadu : Before going to register office take two set of Xerox and get notary attestation in all documents. Keep witness with ID proof and affix the photos in required columns. Marriage registration office ( Sub registrar office ) for Tamilnadu Marriage Act : If the couples are Hindu, Muslims and Christian and if you wish to register your marriage under Tamilnadu marriage Act , You can register your marriage within 150 days from the date of marriage within the marriage registrar jurisdiction of place of marriage in Tamilnadu. As per section 3 of Tamilnadu registration of Marriages Act 2009, any marriage solemnized in Tamilnadu has to be registered compulsorily within 150 days from date of marriage (Irrespective of cast, religion and nationality ) . Marriage registration office ( Sub registrar office ) for Special Marriage Act : Couples are inter religion or Muslim or Hindu and if you wish to register your marriage under special marriage Act , You can register your marriage within the following marriage registrar jurisdiction in Tamilnadu 1. Residence of Husband (minimum length of residence should be 30 days ) 2. Residence of wife Couples can register Special marriage under the any one of above said marriage registrar jurisdiction . How to deal with marriage registrar office officials in Tamilnadu : Normally marriage registrars will try to avid marriage registration by stating any one of reasons. They will ask both parents and local address proof and temple hall receipt. If you don’t have any one of document they will refuse to register the marriage in Tamilnadu. You must answer all the questions carefully and they have to convince the registrar legally. Now after online registration, everything is pre programmed by software. Age , duration and duration is programed . For example, if the wife or Husband is in under aged, you cannot fill application further. Getting marriage certificate after registration in Tamilnadu : Once you complete the registration you can get the valid marriage certificate within a week. If any emergency you can request the marriage registrar and you may get marriage certificate on same day. Normally they will issue one original marriage certificate. There after you can apply additional copy in by paying Rs.10 per copy. After making payment they will send digitally signed certified copy to your email id. You can take print out and can use like original one. After getting marriage certificate, do not laminate the original one. It will be an problem If you go for any attestation process. Keeping certificate without
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How to marry an foreigner in Tamilnadu

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Foreigner marriage registration procedure in India

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Online Marriage certificate in Chennai,Tamilnadu

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marriage registration Chennai

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Marriage registration means solemnizing a marriage according to the marriage registration law. Couples may opt for a marriage registration due to various reasons. One common reason in Tamilnadu is marrying against the wishes of family or any legal process. 

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marriage certificate Chennai

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The Supreme Court of India, in 2006, made it mandatory to register all marriages. In India, a marriage can either be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable to Hindus, whereas the Special Marriage Act is applicable to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion. The Hindu Marriage Act provides for registration of an already solemnised marriage, and does not provide for solemnisation of a marriage by a Marriage Registrar.

Difference between Hindu marriage and Tamilnadu marriage act certificate :

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Register Marriage Chennai

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How to register Love Marriage in Chennai :

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Marriage certificate process Chennai

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